Eugenol Market Overview: Industry Development Scenario and Trends Analysis during 2017-2026

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Eugenol is finding large application in essential oils, flavorings, and perfumes. Researchers studying human cancer cells have also found eugenol as an anti-cancer agent. Moreover, eugenol-rich oil is also considered natural mosquito repellent. Hence, carrying various properties, eugenol is being used on a large scale in various industries. The report on the Global Eugenol Market provides in-depth analysis on the market for the period from 2017 to 2026. The report has been developed to help manufacturers and suppliers to identify growth opportunities in the market. The analysis offered in the report can also be of interest in the leading chemical sector magazines and journals.

Further investigations are being carried on to realize the full potential of eugenol in human health, food industry and to fight different diseases. Companies providing eugenol are also focusing on new methods to purify eugenol to make it suitable for use in various industries. A new era in the field of pharmacology has also opened-up with increasing research activities on eugenol.

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Eugenol is being viewed as an effective therapeutic tool, which can be incorporated in various food products and herbal medicines to contend considerable metabolic disorders. On account of its significant antimicrobial properties, eugenol seeks application in inhibiting growth of the microbial populations in several food products.

Predominantly sought in spices including basil, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, eugenol comprises potent anti-stress and neuro-protective properties. In light of these properties, eugenol hold potential of inhibiting transmission in sciatic nerves, and improving neuronal complications. In addition, novel strategies implemented in cancer prevention have initiated utilization of eugenol as one of the potential chemotherapeutic agent. Synergistic effect of eugenol combined with chemo-preventive drugs significantly help in reducing drug toxicity in normal cells, meanwhile augmenting cytotoxicity of synthetic agents. Inhibitory action of eugenol & iso-eugenol have been suggested against melanoma cell lines, as it induces apoptosis and leads to cell cycle arrest, thereby curtailing cell proliferation in cancer patients.

Among various strategies employed for combating diabetes, diet remains radical in keeping blood-sugar level balanced. Researchers have inclined their preference toward diet-based regime for treating various metabolic disorders. Hyper-glycosylation of bioactive molecules have been associated with metabolic pathways and elimination of pathologies. Eugenol is considered to be a key bioactive molecule, which is present is spices and has anti-diabetic potential. This has further resulted into robust adoption of eugenol and its derivatives in diet plans of diabetic patients, whose number is witnessing a significant surge worldwide.

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Revenues from end-use of eugenol in personal care products is forecast to record the fastest expansion through 2026. Numerous unapproved OTC products exist in the market with eugenol as an integral compound for preventing and treating toothache. In addition, eugenol is commonly employed in dental procedures along with zinc oxide for cementation of temporary prostheses.

Cloves will continue to be sought-after among sources of eugenol. Revenues from eugenol sourced from cloves are likely to remain significantly larger than those sourced from cinnamon, nutmeg, and basil combined. Based on application, base ingredient and perfumes, flavorings, & essential oils, are expected to endure as largest revenue contributors to the market.

Competition Tracking

Eugenol derivatives have unlocked a whole new opportunity in the field of pharmacology, kindling interests of leading market players on this compound. These players are making R&D investments for coming up with specifications for identifying dosage of eugenol required for functional applications, and exploring hidden potentials of eugenol in improving human health. Key players that FactMR’s report expects to drive growth of the global eugenol market include Van Aroma, Nile Chemicals, Sigma-Aldrich, Nusaroma Indonesia Essential Oil, Berjé, CV. Indaroma, Extrasynthese, Penta Manufacturing Company, Vigon International, and Boc Sciences.

Table of Contents

  1. Global Economic Outlook
  2. Global Eugenol Market – Executive Summary

2.1. Opportunity Analysis and Megatrends

  1. Global Eugenol Market Overview

3.1. Introduction

3.1.1. Global Eugenol Market Taxonomy

3.1.2. Global Eugenol Market Definition

3.2. Global Eugenol Market Size (US$ Mn and Tons) and Forecast, 2012-2026

3.2.1. Global Eugenol Market Y-o-Y Growth

3.3. Global Eugenol Market Dynamics

3.4. Supply Chain Analysis

3.5. Product Lifecycle Assessment

3.6. Porter’s Analysis

3.7. PESTLE Analysis

3.8. Investment Feasibility Matrix

3.9. Competition Matrix

3.10. Government Regulations and Policies

3.11. Trade Analysis

3.12. Number of Shipments

3.13. Major Clove Producers


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