Global Ceramic Tiles Industry Market Projected to Reach US$ 1.8 Bn at 2.7% CAGR through 2017-2022

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Ceramic tiles are widely used in the construction industry. Ceramic tiles offer durability, ease in maintenance, they are color consistent, they are light in weight, and they are resistant to corrosion. However, ceramic tiles manufacturing process emits harmful gases and particulate matter which has been a restraint for the Canada ceramic tiles market. Moreover, high volatile nature of pricing of the raw material used in the manufacturing of ceramic tiles such as kaolin, silica sand, feldspar and bentonite also poses restraints which can hinder the growth of the Canada ceramic tiles market. This report, compiled by FactMR, provides in-depth analysis of the Canada Ceramic Tiles Market for the forecast period 2017-2022, and offers key insights about future market direction.

The scope of FactMR’s report is to analyze the Canada ceramic tiles market for the forecast period 2017-2022 and provide readers an unbiased and accurate analysis. Ceramic tiles manufacturers, stakeholders, and suppliers in the Canada consumer goods sector can benefit from the analysis offered in this report. This report offers a comprehensive analysis, which can be of interest to leading trade magazines and journals pertaining to ceramic tiles.

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Tiles find wide-ranging applications in the construction sector. They are used for covering floors, roofs, walls, and table tops of buildings. The function of such tiles varies from providing protection and durability to enhance the aesthetic appeal of walls and buildings. Tiles are made using various materials such as stone, metal, ceramic, and glass. Tiles made from ceramic materials are referred to as ceramic tiles and find extensive applications in the construction business. Based on application, ceramic tiles can be classified into floor tiles, wall tiles, industrial tiles, and vitrified or porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, durable, they show consistency in color and easy to maintain. These properties make them a much preferred option for use in the construction industry, which is driving the Canada ceramic tiles market. Moreover, ceramic tiles are used to decorate homes. This can present several opportunities in the market. However, there is high volatility in the prices of raw material such as bentonite, feldspar, silica sand and kaolin. This is a main restraint likely to hinder the growth of the Canada ceramic tiles market. Other aspects such as emission of greenhouse gases and particulate matter while processing of ceramic tiles, especially during drying and machining operations, hamper the growth of the ceramic tiles market.

Ceramic is non-metallic, inorganic, and typically crystalline in nature. It is chemically composed of nitride or oxide or carbide materials. Sometimes, partially crystalline elements such as silicon, glass, and carbon are also considered as ceramics. Different ceramics are manufactured through specific processes, of which the common process is to heat and subsequently cool the material to a certain temperature. Naturally, ceramics are strong, brittle and hard in compression, but are weak in tension and shearing. These properties make ceramics resistant to harsh environments and caustic or acidic materials.

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Porcelain Ceramic Tiles Dominate the Canada Market

Porcelain ceramic tiles segment by product type is set to dominate the Canada ceramic tiles market. This segment is anticipated to reflect a higher market share of about 47.7% by the end of 2022 and also is expected to grow at a higher rate as compared to other product segments, and poised to register a CAGR of 2.7% throughout the period of forecast 2017 to 2022. It can be beneficial to consider Canada porcelain ceramic tiles market from an investment standpoint

Glazed and Unglazed Ceramic Tiles Experience Slow Growth

The glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles segments by product type experience slow growth rate as compared to porcelain segment, however, porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles segment do not have much of a difference with respect to growth rates during the period of forecast. However, it has a higher market share than glazed ceramic tiles. Unglazed segment is poised to reflect even slower growth than glazed segment. Both the segments are expected to lose BPS whereas porcelain segment poised to show higher gain in the BPS by the end of 2022

Commercial Segment Surpasses Household Segment

The commercial segment by application is poised to register a faster growth compared to the household segment and is anticipated to reach a CAGR of 2.7% throughout the period of forecast of 2017 to 2022. This segment is also expected to show higher gain in the BPS by the end of 2022

Competition Tracking

The report also profiles companies that are expected to remain active in the expansion of the Canada ceramic tiles market through 2022, which include Mohawk Industries, Inc., R.A.K Ceramics PJSC, ARDEX GmbH, Granitifiandre SpA, Florida Tile, Inc., Interceramic Inc., Custom Building Products, Inc., Olympia Tile International Inc., Ceramiche Atlas Concorde S.p.A and Crossville Inc.

Table of Contents

  1. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market – Executive Summary
  2. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Overview

2.1. Introduction

2.1.1. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Taxonomy

2.1.2. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Definition

2.2. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Size (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2012-2022

2.2.1. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Y-o-Y Growth

2.3. Canada Ceramic Tiles Market Dynamics

2.3.1. Drivers

2.3.2. Restraints

2.3.3. Trends


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