Daryl Guberman of G-PMC LLC Shines Light on International Accreditation Forum (IAF) CEO Xiao Jianhua

In an ever more polarized world, whom a business chooses to work with can have a lasting impact. Accreditation expert Daryl Guberman has made it his mission to show some of the serious problems existing in this space today – recently with a YouTube video focused on the darker side of the IAF.

New York, NY, USA, 2018-Sep-25 — /EPR Network/ —America, the American way of life, and its international allies have no shortage of enemies large and small. They often act in ways to move under the radar, using businesses and business industry associations to exert a negative influence. Daryl Guberman, possible Senatorial candidate and founder of compliance and certification firm G-PMC LLC, and his team recently put some of their investigation and research in this area up in a YouTube video focused on telling the truth about the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and who they describe as it’s “cartel leader” Chinese national Xiao Jianhua. Most Americans would find the information chilling.

“I don’t use the word ‘cartel leader’ lightly when it comes to Xiao Jianhua,” commented Guberman. “By the dictionary definition, he fits it perfectly. The business world needs to understand what goes on with the IAF that they may not be aware of, who it involves, and what it could mean to our nation.”

Guberman has built a reputation for himself as an expert on quality in business stretching back decades. He also has proven himself to be an independent thinker politically, inspiring his possible Senatorial campaign in the state of CT which gains more energy every day.

His YouTube expose of Jianhua, CEO of the IAF point towards the security risk of a well-connected Chinese national being given such access to American businesses of all kinds and their “secrets”. This is further fleshed out in the YouTube video with a look at what other countries are members of the IAF and it’s brother and sister organizations which as a literal “who’s who” of terrorist-sponsoring, openly anti-American and even antisemitic nations. Guberman smartly asks the question how American (and even some Israeli) based-businesses and even state operations can feel comfortable being part of such a business “family”, which is a question many concerned citizens will likely want to hear an answer to.

Expect more news on this interesting topic from Guberman and his team soon.

For more information on Daryl Guberman and G-PMC, LCC be sure to visit http://darylguberman.com and http://dguberman.com.

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