YouTube Celebrity and Video Game Designer Among Top Dream Jobs of the Youth of Today

London, United Kingdom, 2018-Oct-12 — /EPR Network/ — With the recent start of the new school year, a survey 2,784 parents has highlighted the impact the Internet is having on the career aspirations of children. The online poll – conducted by professional services marketplace – asked parents to compare their childhood dream jobs with those of their offspring. A number of positions have entered the top 10 list that didn’t exist 20 years ago, however, the top career across generations remains Doctor or Nurse, with 14% of youngsters aspiring to pursue a career in healthcare compared with 18% of their parents.

When asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?”, the most five most popular answers children gave were:

– a doctor or a nurse (14%)

– a YouTube Celebrity (10.5%)

– a professional athlete (8.7%)

– a video game designer (7.2%)

– an entrepreneur (6.5%)

The results contrast with parents’ career dreams, with three of their top job choices (pilot / air hostess, teacher and journalist / TV host) dropping off the top 10 list chosen by their children. Their most popular choices were:

– a doctor or a nurse (18%)

– a pilot or air hostess (15.1%)

– an actor or actress (10.5%)

– a professional athlete (9.3%)

– a journalist or TV show host (8.6%)

To see the full list and analysis of the top 10 jobs children today wish to pursue as their dream careers as compared with their parents, click:

“This survey shines a light on the effect the Internet and the wider digital revolution is having on our children’s hopes and dreams,” said Sohrab Jahanbani, Founder and CEO of “It’s great to see that the appeal of working in caring professions such as medicine and nursing remains strong, but a new range of career choices that simply didn’t exist 20 years ago are now catching the eye of the next generation.”

“This trend is clearly highlighted by the fact that nearly a quarter of children (23%) now want to be either a YouTube Celebrity, a video game designer or an eSport athlete.”

The results also highlighted how career aspirations change with age.

The allure of becoming a doctor / nurse is broadly consistent throughout the years. However, as children grow up they become increasingly interested in entrepreneurship and careers as a YouTube celebrity, video gamer and eSports athletes.

Dreams of becoming a professional athlete tend to wane from the age of seven. Working as a firefighter was the most popular choice for children between four and six years of age, but rarely considered as a career among children over 10 years old.

Whether children actually end up pursuing their dream careers remains to be seen but when asked if they had managed to work in their dream job, only 12% of parents said ‘yes.’

Looking beyond school years, nearly three quarters (73%) of adults agreed that university education is equally or more important today than it was 20 years ago and the vast majority (88.4%) said they will encourage their children to go to university.

Only 40% of responders attended university themselves.

“When approaching adulthood, many children have to evaluate whether their career aspirations are realistic so how many future YouTube stars’ parents were surveyed is yet to be seen,” said Sohrab Jahanbani.

“Nonetheless it’s interesting to see a number of new careers that didn’t exist 20 years ago. Doctors and nurses are the only professions that held firm in the imagination of children across generations, which is hopefully good news for the future of the NHS. We can only hope that they will have a better follow-through rate than their parents.”

About the survey:

A total of 2,784 UK parents took part and were asked to compare their childhood dream jobs with those of their children.

The ages of children involved ranged from 4 and 18 with the average child age between 8 and 9.

The average age of the parent was between 34 and 44 years.

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