First African American Woman elected as Mayor of Troy, NC

Sherri Harris Allgood will become the first African American to hold the title of Mayor in Montgomery County.

TROY, NC, 2018-Nov-20 — /EPR Network/ — Former schoolteacher and community activist, Sherri Harris Allgood, is the “little woman with the big voice” who is now the Mayor-elect of the Town of Troy.  She built her campaign on being a “Champion of Change” and “Servant of the People” as it helped her defeat the current mayor who has been in office for almost 40 years.

Many of you may not have heard of Troy, NC or even Montgomery County.  But Montgomery County literally sits in the heart of the state of NC.  It has been designated as a distressed and disadvantaged area by the NC Dept of Commerce.  But Sherri is a living testament that there is always HOPE and all it takes is for one person to turn things around.

We sat down with this energetic #HISTORYMAKER to talk about how she did what many felt was the impossible.  Her election win is really big deal.  And Montgomery County will never be the same.

INTERVIEWER:  Wow!  Mrs. Sherri Harris Allgood!  It’s so nice to talk to you today, fresh off your historic win.  “Mayor of Troy”.  How does that sound?

MAYOR-ELECT ALLGOOD: Oh, wow! I am just in awe. Although I knew there was a chance I would win, I was not mentally prepared for the results. I am talking about an almost 40-year reign coming to an end. Wow! I kept rechecking the North Carolina State Board of Elections website to make sure I was not dreaming [laughing]. Seriously though, I am just astounded with the results and I know it will take some time for it to settle.


INTERVIEWER:  Family members said that you were experiencing flu symptoms on last night.  I know it’s been a grueling campaign.  Canvassing the neighborhoods, knocking on doors, putting up signs, filming Facebook videos, kissing babies… I’m sure it took a physical toll on you.  But how are you feeling today?

MAYOR ALLGOOD: Much better. I woke up somewhat refreshed. I am sure my body was telling me “Rest up, there is much work to be done”. It’s amazing. A couple of hours before the polls closed, I was feverish, my body was aching and I felt like I could do no more. At that point, where I left off, my family carried on and filled in the gap while I went home and climbed into the bed. I slept two hours in the bed before I was able to crawl back out to see join my family for the result. This is significant to me because I know I am not doing this on my own and I don’t have to. I have a huge support system on stand-by at all times. I was very much encouraged by this.


INTERVIEWER:  Has it really hit you what you have accomplished?  What you, your husband, your family and your team has accomplished?  You must be feeling very proud right now.

MAYOR ALLGOOD:  I am more than certain we do not know the extent of this accomplishment and the change it has brought to the town. I am mayor #12. Now, Troy has been around since 1852, so to have had only 11 mayors before me says that the average numbers of years should be 15 years. Mr. Roy Maness served almost 40 years. He exceeded all those before him. I can not tell you why, but obviously he was doing something spectacular to secure the mayoral seat for all these years. Listen, folk don’t stay married that long, so to commit to a mayor for such an extended amount time is phenomenal to me [laugh]. It’s not to say people did not run against him. People have tried without success. But now you want to tell me this lil’ o’ Black girl comes out of nowhere and BAM! I am sure this has thrown everybody for a loop. This accomplishment is beyond words and I know it will NEVER be forgotten in the history books of Troy, NC.


INTERVIEWER:  So you are the 12th mayor.  And you won by 12 votes.  There has to be some significance there but we will dig into that with you at a later time.  But what else makes your win notable?  What makes it so special for Montgomery County from a historical perspective?

MAYOR ALLGOOD: Well, if this is not the epitome of notability, I don’t know what is. This is so much more than skin color. This is so much more than gender. This is about “Hope Deferred” becoming a “Longing Fulfilled”. Oh my! [tears]. The people have been looking for something and may not have been able to really know what it was until my name was placed on the ballot. I have people of all races, gender and creed who support me. The people wanted something different and I am honored to fill that desire.


INTERVIEWER:  You said something earlier that caught my attention.  The previous Mayor has been in office for how many years?

MAYOR ALLGOOD: A VERY long time. Thirty-nine years to be exact!  That is a tremendous amount of time to hold a seat. He was elected in 1979 and no one has been able to defeat him since. Again, it’s not to say that many have not attempted. It was just to no avail.


INTERVIEWER:  We won’t ask you to reveal your age… but were you even born then?  [laugh]  Seriously or maybe not so seriously, were you even in Kindergarten yet??

MAYOR ALLGOOD: [laugh] Well, I was only 5 years old when he was voted in. I was just starting kindergarten that year, probably crying somewhere because I didn’t like going to school. My only concern was playing with my siblings, cousins and toys during that time, without a care in the world [laugh]. Let me say this, one of my ‘Countdown to Elections’ videos addressed what was going on 39 years ago. I stated how 39 years ago, Jimmy Carter was the president of the US and gas was around $.88 a gallon [laugh]. Listen, it was definitely time for a change!


INTERVIEWER:  But again, it’s an awesome feeling to sit down with you today.  I feel your energy and enthusiasm for the future.  And it’s contagious.  The Town of Troy should feel confident about their decision to choose you to lead them into the next chapter.

But here’s a loaded question.  Can you give us a quick profile on who the average Troy citizen is?

MAYOR ALLGOOD: The average citizen… Well, Troy is a small town with down home people. You will find very friendly people here. It is not strange to hear someone yell across a parking lot “Good morning!” or to stand in a line in the local grocery store and a stranger randomly starts a conversation. People are genuinely ‘small town friendly’ and want to keep it that way.


INTERVIEWER: I’m sure they are not much into politics.  So what would be the bread and butter issues that they would talk about at their dinner tables.

MAYOR ALLGOOD: Besides me? [laugh] I am sure there are talks about the direction of Troy. People are uncertain right now. That is normal considering the change that has just occurred. They need assurance that the town they call home is going to fare well. That will come with time. I pray that as I take my seat as the mayor, the conversations will be favorable concerning me. We will see.


INTERVIEWER: What concerns them the most?

MAYOR ALLGOOD:  I believe the greatest concern is fairness and equity. Being treated as a human being is a basic right that we should always value.


INTERVIEWER:  Why do you think you resonate with them?.

MAYOR ALLGOOD: I am them. I believe they see themselves in me. I am just your average hometown girl: smiling, laughing, church-going, family-oriented, hard-working citizen who wants better for my community. When the citizens of Troy voted for me, they were voting for themselves. When I won, they won. We are in this together and we will do it together.


INTERVIEWER:  Last but not least.  What is a quote that you would give that 7 year old, young, minority female who will one day grow up to effect their own change on the world?

MAYOR ALLGOOD: Stretch your mind to go beyond the impossible. As you step into that place of purpose, don’t fight it, don’t force it and don’t fear it because you have already been prepared for the task at hand.


INTERVIEWER:  This was very refreshing.  We want to sit down with you again after the swearing in to get more into the meat-and-potatoes of what you will do when in office.  But for now, we want to say “Thank you so much”, Mayor Allgood.  It’s been quite a pleasure.  We wish you the best of luck.  We will be keeping an eye out for you and the good things that you will help launch in this little town called Troy!  God bless you.

MAYOR ALLGOOD:  I appreciate this opportunity and I am excited to be a part of the advancement of Troy, NC. Blessings to you!

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