Omantel customers in Masirah can enjoy 5G with amazing wireless home broadband times via Massive MiMo technology

Muscat, Oman, 2019-Jan-11 — /EPR Network/ — Omantel is one of the prominent telecommunications companies in Oman, offering telecommunication services since 1980. With a widespread network of offerings, Omantel has a reach over the entire country, including Masirah Island which is off the East Coast of mainland Oman. Omantel is also one of the largest telecommunication service providers of in the country, and now residents of Oman can enjoy the high-speed 5G internet seamlessly. Omantel is launching 5G wireless home broadband services in Oman including Masirah.

To make this a successful venture, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Oman has formed a national team. This team includes members from TRA and mobile network operators in the Sultanate. “An action plan has been developed, whereby each concerned entity will take the necessary measures to accelerate and facilitate the introduction of the 5G technology. TRA’s role has been emphasized in the need for legislation and regulations facilitating mobile operators to adopt the 5G network-using infrastructure owned by the government entities,” the regulator stated in the Annual Report. This 5G team will be developing the strategy that will provide the development of 5G-network in Oman and it will address the challenges, they might face during its implementation. Executive President of Telecommunication Regulatory Authority Dr. Hamed Salim al Rawahi said that pilot projects and roadmap for the 5G network have been commenced. The initiatives in this project are aligned with ITU i.e. international telecommunications union. The US, Japan, China, and South Korea are one of the top four countries that are with Oman for the commercial use of 5G technology by 19-20. However, according to the experts, some international operators may debut 5G enabled networks before the end of this year.

Omantel’s statement on Twitter says, “As part of our efforts to introduce 5G & for the first time in Oman, our customers in Masirah can enjoy amazing wireless home broadband speeds via Massive MiMo technology.” The 5G showcase used the most advanced 5G features such as beam tracking and beamforming giving us a peek into the future. Its results were announced during the “Technology Days” held on 12-14th November 2017. It is quite evident that Omantel wants to deliver high-speed internet in all the corners of the country including Masirah Island. The company is using MiMo technology to make this possible, which is considered to be the most advanced technology today.

MiMo technology- MiMo stands for multiple-input and multiple-output. It has several technologies involved; it can be summarized as a wireless network that allows the receiving and transmitting of data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel. It uses a separate antenna for receiving and transmitting of each data signal. Generally, the standard MiMo networks use two or four antennae to transmit the data and the same numbers to receive it. However, Omantel is using ‘massive MiMo technology’. So, in this case, a high number of antennas is used. One cannot describe the exact figure of antennas, but it is said that tens or hundreds of antennas are used. The main advantage of MIMO technology is that it multiplies the capacity of wireless connection without needing more spectrums. In simple terms, the more antennas the transmitter or receiver is equipped with, the better will be the performance, in terms of data rate and link reliability.

Omantel is using 800 MHz of spectrum bandwidth in the millimeter frequency band. On a trial 5G system, it delivered the peak rate, which is greater than most of the 4G networks. It has clocked the speed of 25 GBPS that is considerably better than any 4G network. “The future of communications is 5G, and we are looking forward to introducing the people of Oman to this innovative smart technology that will change the way we live and do business. This technology will be a change-maker affecting various key sectors such as healthcare, mining, and agriculture to name just a few.” said Talal Said Al Mamari, CEO Omantel.

The 5G technology will be much better and much diverse than ever. It is said that it will be used for flood sensors, smart agriculture, industrial applications, control, remote surgery, remote training, smart meters, traffic control and safety, shipment tracking, and fleet management. It is expected that 5G will enhance the mobile broadband offering media anywhere you want. It will also broadcast and will provide augmented reality based applications.




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