Jammers4u Launches New Powerful 32W Portable Handheld Directional Antenna Drone UAV Jammer

Taipei, Taiwan, 2019-Mar-13 — /EPR Network/ — Jammers4u launches portable directional handheld drone (UAV) jammer CT-4001P that is designed to be compact for easy carrying and military terrain use. It is fully autonomus with built in antennas and rechargable battery for 80 min operation. It is best suited for military special operations teams, police and security forces that are deployed in diverse situations.

CT-4001P is specialized drone to block 2.4Ghz, GPS, and 5.8Ghz signals that is used in most of commercial UAV Drones for remote control signalling. The effective blocking range is 200 to 600 meters. The jamming distance varies depending on the signal strength and location. This portable jammer does not block GSM cell phone signal.

With portability and power in mind Jammers4u has developed new series of light, handheld drone hunter devices with power of much bigger units. This drone hunter has directional antenna panel that aims power delivery directly towards the drone or other remote operated vehicles thus improving the effective range. Narrow range targetting is very much desired in urban environments where jammers must not interfere with other devices in homes and offices. Directing antenna towards the target with concentrated jamming power beam limits the influence of jammer only to that specific narrow zone. 8-10W modules that deliver power in directed manner make this unit very powerful solution at a cost of portable unit.

CT-4001P 32W is the new solution in portable jammer market. It packs 32W of total power in a such small package. 2x10W@2.4GHz, 10W@GPS, 2W@5GHz, give this portable unit a powerful punch even at distances of 800m. This is very important to stop the drone or remote operated vehicle before they enter the zone of their effective range to prevent a possible attack. Other than visual surveillance, drones can also carry a weapon, biological or chemical agents intended to cause destruction and damage at public meetings, events. Drones may be used to attack people or VIP to cause injury or even fatality.

CT-4001P 32W model of jammer has a GO HOME option. GO HOME option gives an extra measure of security in such events of emergency. Activating the GO HOME forces the drone to go to its starting location. This option works with all GPS equipped drones implementing traffic safety standards for drones. Go HOME option exploits this inbuilt safety mechanism. GO HOME is activated when drone is spotted and jammed with this portable jammer, as with any regular jammer. If GO HOME button is activated when drone hoovers and starts to land, drone aborts landing procedures to follow only GPS route to go back to its starting point. Potential threat to the VIP or public is averted by forcing the drone to go back to its starting position. It also allows the security forces to visually trace the location of drone operator for the purpose of investigation and collecting forensic data.

One full recharge of inbuilt rechargable battery will provide 80min of uniterrupted jammer operation time. This is good enough for more than 20 average uses before the need for next recharge. This powerful portable jammer device is simple to use. No technical knowledge is required for operator or serviceman using it. When drone is spotted, it is a just a matter of turning the jammer on and pointing a hand held antenna towards the drone. Drone can be picked up once it lands on the ground. Jammer operation is as simple as that.

Demonstration can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1TT-qURFpo CT-4001P 32W is best suited for military special operations teams, police, security forces that are deployed in different situations. It is perfect for securing public events where you need mobility without compromise in power or function.

Portable Anti-Drone Jammer CT-4001P 32W Specifications:

Max 32W, 4 Bands, 2.4Ghz GPS L1 5.8Ghz
80 mins Built-in Battery, Battery LED Status

​Four Bands in One Directional Antenna :
RC 2.4-2.5GHz:10W WiFi 11.g, b, Bluetooth (Vertical Polarization)
RC 2.4-2.5GHz:10W WiFi 11.g, b, Bluetooth ( Vertical Polarization)
GPS L1 + GLONASS L1 :10W 1570-1620MHz
RC 5.7GHz-5.9GHz: 2W
Total : 32W

Jamming Range radius 200~600 Meters
Battery Operating Time 80 Minutes, Battery LED Status
Two 2.4GHz Bands 10W per band cover Most Commercial Drones / UAVs
Like Dji Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, Advanced, Standard series, Inspire Series…
Adjustable Output Power each
Max Output Power to 0 (OFF)
100% Safe VSWR over protection (Isolator) for each modular
Power supply: AC Charger adapter (AC220V/110V)
Dimension:260 x 260 x 70 mm (H × W × D)
Weight:2.7 Kg (approximately)
Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ +60℃

About Jammers4U:
R&R Group Jammers4u is OEM Manufacturer focused on wireless security market needs that respond by developing jammers to meet ever increasing requirements of the market. Current trend is fast expanding drone market that poses a new kind of treat to safety of events and secure objects.

As original RF equipment manufacturer from Taiwan with own factory in Hong Kong/Shenzhen, China, Jammers4u hold traditional quality developed in many years of making for wireless RF technology on Taiwan, therefore you can be sure that our Jammers products quality and technology is match superior then from other manufactures. Products case may are look similar, but inside is PCB boards, RF Modules, even antennas are different, of course, the performance are a lot of different.

Taipei, Taiwan

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