Daryl Guberman Shines Light on IT Governance, Inc. Harming American Business by Spreading Chinese Propaganda

When it comes to business concerns the quality of their cybersecurity is smartly held high. Quality Expert Daryl Guberman has found evidence that IT Governance, Inc. who issue ISO cybersecurity certifications, are spreading propaganda for Chinese national led-associations in this area.

New York, NY (USA), 2019-Apr-11 — /EPR Network/ — Why would any American business show trust in having their cybersecurity quality looked at and certified by a company that is a member of a Chinese-national led quality certification association, when China has led more successful cyber attacks against America than anyone else? That’s the commonsense, eye-opening question CEO of Quality Consultants Guberman-PMC, Daryl Guberman is asking in his new video, which examines UK-based but active in America, company IT Governance, Inc. who supposedly specialize in cybersecurity. The video, “IT Governance, Inc. Behind China-led IAF Propaganda Harming US Businesses”, outlines the problem very clearly and shines a bright light on IT Governance. Inc. not only being associated with the Chinese-national led and anti-American nation member containing associations ANAB and the IAF, but how they go beyond that and even shill for these associations on their company website.

“IT Governance, Inc. is an example of a company who hasn’t mistakenly joined something like the anti-American IAF or ANAB, but has done so and then makes excuses for it or tries to cover it up, thinking business owners aren’t smart enough to figure out the truth,” commented Guberman, who has over three decades of experience in Quality Consultation. “My new video is a wake-up call to pro-American businesses to be aware of who they are using for their quality certifications for both their own and America’s sake.”

Guberman also points out that with IT Governance, Inc. being based in the UK, while also offering services in the United States, that they have no requirement to hold their quality certifications to a unified standard. This remarkable part of the ISO rules that IT Governance, Inc. openly admit to following make their certification ability even more suspect and less reliable, and their certification’s value possibly not worth more than the paper it is written on, for those who value keeping consistent standards. When thinking about how much damage a cyber attack can have, and that the company focuses on cybersecurity, it is something that is impossible to ignore for a pro-American company working in the same field like Guberman-PMC, since it can potentially damage the entire industry’s reputation.

For more information visit http://dguberman.com and be sure to watch the YouTube video here.

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