Important Uses of Special Metal Niobium and Nitinol in various Industries

We have become the top fortune companies supplying the niobium alloys and nitinol in sensitive uses such as construction and orthodontic , orthopedic respectively.

Mumbai, India, 2019-Jul-16 — /EPR Network/ — Initially, cobalt-based alloys were used for blade manufacture in aircraft and iron-based alloys to prevent the temperature. Now, most enterprises use Niobium as high-temperature resistant in alloys. With the changing pace of time, Niobium manufacturers have understood its usage in various, and they are using it to get the desired elasticity, size, and structure. Moreover, it can operate at temperature 1500 degree Fahrenheit. 

It is a metal that rules the market with a demand as high as 80 %. At Special Metals we combine it along with iron to give out the best results in terms of strength. We deal in niobium materials with a variety of grades which can be suited according to the type of work. Soon we have become the top fortune companies supplying the niobium alloys in sensitive uses such as construction of suspension bridges and Aerospace Industry.

Nitinol is a metal alloy composed of two metals, titanium, and Nickel. These two have equal in atomic percentage. Naval Ordnance Laboratory researchers found this metal accidentally in 1961. Few experiments were done by then, and it was concluded that it could become an instrumental metal.  The full form of NiTiNoL is Nickel Titanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory. Its physical property consists of 1240 – 1310 degree Celsius melting point. Moreover, it has non-corrosive and non-magnetic property but has low density and high fatigue strength. 

Due to its properties, Nickel has some medicinal properties, called an allergen. Due to this, it is also useful in the medical industry. Let’s read about Nitinol at Special Metals and its features as it is not limited to the pharmaceutical sector, but it has various usage in other fields also, especially it has applications in medical science branches such as orthodontic and orthopedic.

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