Velo Introduces Concept3 Hand Dryers

Innovative Technology Redefines ‘Traditional’ Hand Dryers

Sydney, Australia2019-Jul-20 — /EPR Network/ —

How is Velo Concept3 different?

Velo has disrupted the commercial hand dryer industry by developing and releasing the new Concept3 hand dryer in Australia offering both hand washing and drying at the basin!

Velo prides itself on innovation, particularly in the areas of energy efficiency and hygiene. The Concept3 has quick and easy installation offering contactless hand washing and is manufactured using anodised aluminium with a built-in hand dryer, soap dispenser and faucet. Three built-in touch sensors also ensure a full hand wash and drying service at the sink, removing the drips and spills of water coming off hands on the way to a standard hand dryer.

There are three main parts of the Concept3; The faucet at the front, the soap dispenser to the right and the hand drying outlets on both sides. The tap, soap dispenser and the hand dryer, are automatically triggered when hands are placed under the appliance in each area and switches itself off after a few seconds of hand removal, saving water and energy.

Velo has been developing, designing and distributing commercial hand dryers for years and always take time to follow industry trends and listen to customer feedback. The Velo Concept3 is a testament to that development offering 15 second dry times and a significantly quieter operation.

Along with quick, quiet drying, Velo has also focussed on the environment with energy efficiency at its core, allowing commercial buildings to reduce their carbon footprint and hit green targets.

The Velo Concept3 hand dryer is perfect for schools and healthcare facilities where noise can trigger upset and distress.  The quick-drying function and sleek design also makes the Concept3 ideal for hospitality venues, hotels, sporting venues and offices which have high foot traffic.

The Concept3 is incredibly easy to maintain. All the unit needs is a regular wipe with a mild detergent and cotton cloth and then polished with a dry one. A cleaners dream!

Velo hand dryers hold quality standards ISO-9001:2000 certification which guarantees excellence of design, manufacturing, and commercialisation of all Velo products. Our guarantee of technical innovation and quality.

About the Company

Velo hand dryers is a division of HPA Group Pty Ltd, an Australian family owned business that has been operating in Sydney for approximately 25 years. Velo imports and distributes a wide range of state-of-the-art European engineered and manufactured hand dryers to suit a wide variety of environments in the Australasian market.

At VELO hand dryers, all products are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of businesses including distributors, contractors, architects and end users. Check out independent customer reviews and testimonials at the company website.

The following are the Company’s contact details:

HPA Group Pty Ltd

Unit 16 & 15/14

Sheridan Close

Milperra, Sydney NSW 2214



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