New Delhi, India, 2019-Jul-22 — /EPR Network/ — Living with chronic pain can undoubtedly interfere with individuals’ day to day routines and can negatively impact the quality and way of life. Pain can be triggered by many different factors like overwork, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyle, stress and more. If pain becomes unbearable and detrimental to life, it would be best to seek help from an expert pain specialist. Individuals living in Delhi who are suffering from all sorts of chronic pain are lucky enough because they have one of the best when it comes to Pain Management in Delhi. He is none other than Dr. Amod Manocha.

Dr. Amod Manocha is one of the most trusted and highly recommended pain specialists in Delhi capable of helping individuals effectively manage and overcome pain with the help of his vast array of pain treatments in Delhi and many other related pain management services. He is also a pain medicine professional, and he helps patients manage all sorts of chronic pain including neck pain, joint pain, and nerve pain. Dr. Amod Manocha also specializes in treating coccyx pain, musculoskeletal pain, sciatica, thoracic pain and more.

This pain management specialist in Delhi considers every pain as an unresolved mystery, and he won’t rest until the pain that individuals feel is completely resolved. Dr. Amod Manocha and his team, therefore, strive hard to attend to client’s need for the most comprehensive and reliable pain treatment and pain management in Delhi. They also offer non-surgical and evidence-based treatments with the use of the multi-disciplinary approach. Whether individuals struggle with chronic pain, they can keep in touch with Dr. Amod Manocha and his team for the right and effective pain treatment in Delhi.

Dr. Amod Manocha is the Senior Consultant and Head of the Pain Management Services in Max Multispecialty Hospital, Saket. He is a highly trained and experienced pain management specialist in Delhi. He is also an anesthetist and has more than 13 years of experience in the UK. He works as a Chronic Pain Consultant in many different hospitals in the UK.

As an expert pain management specialist in Delhi, he believes in providing multi-disciplinary and evidence-based treatments are a part with high international standards. Dr. Amod Manocha is committed to delivering quality care and reliable pain management services to help individuals obtain ultimate relief from pain. He is also dedicated to establishing a long-term relationship with clients that is based on respect, honest communication and the willingness to protect their best interests as clients.

With his unrivaled expertise and excellent contribution to the field of pain management, it’s no longer a surprise that Dr. Amod Manocha is endorsed by many other pain specialists from the UK. He successfully managed thousands of different chronic pain clients and patients not just in India but also in the UK.

For more information about Dr. Amod Manocha and the array of pain treatments and pain management in Delhi, visit http://www.removemypain.com/.

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