3 x Best Product: AXTON’s ATC Components Tested

"Really good sounding component sets that belie the low price tag", is the verdict of the German magazine Car & HiFi (2/2019) on AXTON's new car speakers.

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2019-Jul-22 — /EPR Network/ — For many years speakers from AXTON (http://www.axton.de/) have been the byword for good speakers at fair prices. With the component systems of the ATC series, AXTON is now sending out its next speaker generation. The German Car & HiFi trade magazine has thoroughly tested the ATC100 (10 cm), ATC165 (16.5 cm) and ATC200 (20 cm) in issue 2/2019. It was entirely impressed by the quality and performance of the new AXTON units: “Top quality chassis for the money”, conclude the testers – that also applies to the latest ATC generation.

“As always the AXTON components are keenly priced”, is the remark from the tech journalists right at the start of the test. But in view of the more than fair prices, what does the quality and performance look like?
The first impression of the new component systems, according to the testers, “is very attractive” and the build quality is good as well. “No skimping here”, explains Car & HiFi, “but for the money – brilliant!” Starting with the “cleanly deburred metal baskets” to the “fully fledged” 25 mm woven tweeters – AXTON’s new speakers are real “top sellers” for the trade journalists.

The ATCs also score in the test lab in all respects. “They perform really well for the money”, conclude the well-respected tech journalists. “The tweeter is well-behaved up to over 20 kHz […]”, and “the 200 and the 165 woofers exhibit very good efficiency – an important virtue, particularly for low-priced speakers, since it favors operation without a power amp directly at the car radio.
In the listening test the ATCs really show what they can do: “Even at quiet levels it is clear that this is not just for playing music at the entry level, but also at an amazingly high level”, enthuse the experienced testers. “The wonderful reproduction of natural instruments, a saxophone or a double bass are a real joy. The chassis are not content to make just decent music. (…) You can find some really good sounding component sets among them that belie the low price tag.”

“Top quality chassis” for the money – that also applies to the latest ATC generation. It would be difficult to find better speakers at this price”, is the final verdict of Car & HiFi, awarding the ATC100, ATC165 and ATC200 the ‘Best Product’ accolade.

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