Alpha Olefin Sulfonates (AOS) Market: Clear Understanding of The Competitive Landscape and Key Product Segments

Rising Consumption of Surfactants in Asia Pacific Creates Lucrative Opportunities for Alpha Olefin Sulfonate Manufacturers

Emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region represent high-potential markets for personal care products and cosmetics. As beauty and personal care products are among the biggest applications of alpha olefin sulfonates, the burgeoning growth of the personal care industry in the region is likely to create significant sales opportunities for alpha olefin sulfonates market players.

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Additionally, increasing economic growth of the developing Asian countries, such as China and India, is generating high demand for industrial surfactants such as alpha olefin sulfonates. To capitalize on the ever-growing consumption of alpha olefin sulfonates as a surfactant in wide-ranging industrial applications, leading alpha olefin sulfonates market players are investing heavily in local markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Some of the examples include:

  • Clariant, a Swiss player in alpha olefin sulfonates market, has adopted a strategic framework to invest heavily in China in order to capitalize on a significant rise in local demand for surfactants, such as alpha olefin sulfonates. Along with its plans to set an integrated capacity and regional innovation center in Shanghai by 2020, the company has already opened its first online flagship store, to cater to the local demands, on (Alibaba)

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  • Another player in the alpha olefin sulfonates market, Huntsman Corporation recently declared that the Asia-Pacific region accounted for over one-fourth of the company’s $8 billion in revenues in 2017. The company is further investing in the region to expand its manufacturing facilities, as it recently opened a multi-purpose facility in Vietnam, right after the groundbreaking of its new production facility in China.
  • AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, a Dutch multinational company which was recently launched as Nouryon, announced that it has made a strategic investment of over €4.8 million to expand its Surface Chemistry facility in Boxing, China to improve operational excellence and establish a stronger position in the fabric softeners market and alpha olefin sulfonates market in the country.

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Stringent Safety Regulations Create Challenges for Alpha Olefin Sulfonates Market Players

While manufacturers in the alpha olefin sulfonates market are concentrating their efforts on minimizing the cost of production, stringent standards and environmental regulations imposed are influencing competitive pricing.

The European Union has adopted REACH regulations, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, to mitigate negative impacts of chemical products on the human health and the environment. All the chemical manufacturers, importers, distributors, downstream users, as well as alpha olefin sulfonates market players have to comply with REACH regulations to carry out operations in the European Economic Area (EEA).

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