Daryl Guberman Video Tells World How ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney Paid $346,500 Annually for 2 Hours Work Per Week

The lack of ethics of ANSI is on full display and moves beyond the association’s links to hostile to the United State’s interest countries. Guberman-PMC shares in a new YouTube video how one ANSI Board Members makes over $350,000 a year, for not even one full day of work in a week.

New York, NY, USA, 2019-Sep-16 — /EPR Network/ — Daryl Guberman, CEO and Founder of Quality Consulting firm Guberman-PMC has made it his mission to bring ethics, professionalism and patriotism to the American quality and standards world. This has put him at odds with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for a number of different reasons. The most recent is discussed in his latest YouTube video, where the unethical (if not criminal) “royalty” payments to ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney are explored. The new video is titled “ANSI Board Member Russ Chaney Paid $346,500 Annually for 2 Hours Work Per Week” and has immediately become a hot topic in the world of companies who use Quality and Standards registrars.

“No one can convince a normal, hardworking, American that anyone should make over $345,000 a year for two hours a week work,” commented Guberman, a true authority in the Quality field. “Especially in Quality where there is an expectation to be honest and responsible since the services being provided are so vitally important.”

Even more shockingly, despite the ridiculous amount of money being made by ANSI board members, the companies who turn to them for Quality certifications in the last few years have seen failure after failure. This certainly gives the impression that ANSI is simply in it for the money and not even concerned with doing a good job or appearing to do a good job.

Guberman hopes that by telling the world ANSI’s secrets that this will help break up their near monopoly, something which would do wonders for US companies in both performance and in their security. Another area where ANSI fails due to their close work with Chinese, Arab and other rivals of the United States and Israel.

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