Starch Based Edible Coating Market Size, Trends, and Cost with Global Forecast by 2027

The starch based edible coating market is projected to witness an increase in volume sales of over 4,000 tons in 2019 over 2018, according to recent Fact.MR report. Starch based edible coating sales are highly influenced by increasing demand in fresh, ready to eat and minimally processed foods, along with their growing significance in the preservation of fruits and vegetables. According to the study, growing adoption of corn starch based edible coating among farmers to manage postharvest quality of fresh produce is also paving the way for starch based edible coating market growth.

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Over 60% of overall volume sales in the market were accounted by the corn starch based edible coatings in 2018. Corn starch reinforced with glycerol and nutmeg oil nanoemulsion are sought-after among food producers, as it facilitates enhancing functional and mechanical attributes of the edible films. Key players in the starch based edible coatings market have also been working on the incorporation of fatty acids into corn starch based variants, to ebb their hygroscopic nature and improve water vapor permeability.

The Fact.MR study opines that key demand determinants for starch based edible coatings are prevailing restrictions on the use of agrochemicals, and the shift in consumer preference toward high-quality, minimally processed fresh foods, and vegetable products. This growing demand for fresh food commodities has consequently prompted manufacturers to focus on quality optimization, while retaining the cost-effectiveness, which has further intensified the adoption of viable preservation methods.

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The use of invisible starch based edible coatings and packaging is gaining impressive consumer acceptance over petroleum-based plastic coating and packaging, as they eliminate the need for excessive packaging. However, the study opines that pertaining grey areas to improve commercial properties of starch based edible coating is encouraging the manufacturers to adhere innovative developmental approaches.

Edible coatings are witnessing widespread adoption in the food industry, to separate the compartments of heterogeneous ingredients within foods, owing to their impressive efficiency and functional properties, as well as inherent characteristics of film-forming materials. Most biopolymers are relatively hydrophilic than commercial plastic materials, which is thereby prompting the manufacturers in the industrial sector to conduct robust scientific research in this direction to identify the film-forming mechanisms of biopolymers and to address the practical applications of edible films and coatings in the food industry.

The growing adoption of fruits and vegetables for their numerous health benefits, evolving consumer preferences, and advancements in technology are other growth determinants of the starch based edible coating market. The technological developments in the food industry have driven significant refinements in the strategies and approaches that offer unpredictable solutions to several existing issues, thereby paving the way for growth.

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