Network Access Control Market: Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast upto 2027

Network Access Control: A ‘Must Have’ for Network Security Apparatus

With Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) being its traditional focus, the network access control market has been growing and rules to legitimate end-user devices have been further complementing the global market growth. Increasing number of endpoint devices and extensive diversification of the same continue to be two of the key factors spurring the deployment of NAC solutions in the next 5 years.

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Information security has undergone tectonic shifts over the years and the dynamicity of this field continues to evolve over the years to come. The proliferation of new technological advances has been giving a considerable fillip to emergence of new security solutions for protecting data against breaches.  Network access control (NAC) solutions, which gained massive traction during the early 200s, are likely to see massive adoption throughout the forecast period, and new product launches by a handful of leading companies are further upholding the market gains.  The network access control market continues to spectate a tug of war between the proponents and opponents of the technology coming up with their own set of valid arguments.

While the role of network control solutions in terms of securing enterprises’ networks from looming challenges remains paramount, end users’ reluctance over the capabilities of NAC in meeting their requirements still remains intact.

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Some of the key factors that are underpinning the global network access control market are increasing number of malware attacks on enterprise networks and surging adoption of data protection solutions. Some of other factors propelling growth of network access control market are evolution of technologies such as bring your own device (BYOD), internet of things (IoT), cloud-based services, and machine to machine networks.

Demand for Security Solutions Spur Investments in Network Access Control Systems

Commercial premises such as enterprises, data centers, banks and financial centers stay at the forefront of demand for network access control solutions to retain and update critical data. Alarming rates of cybercrimes and increasing geopolitical tensions have oiled the wheels for growing number of network security breaches and unauthorized intrusions that has necessitated the deployment of efficient security solutions, with network access control being a prominent one.

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With the increasing capabilities and technological advancements of upsetting cyberspace, the need for a proper network access control system has become inevitable, bringing new opportunities for the market players to reap benefits from. Cyber security crimes, as a resultant of increasing number of diverse operating systems and endpoint devices, have become a major area of concern for enterprises to fend of the risk of potential losses, thereby boosting demand for network access control systems. As several enterprise networks are vying to extend beyond secure walls, the investments in network access control solutions will continue unabated during the forecast period.

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