Billion Cheers (Nutrition & wellness) Launches Women Probiotics Supplement for Vaginal Health

Billion Cheers Women Probiotics support vaginal health in UTI, recurrent UTI and vaginal discomfort

Gurgaon, India, 2019-Sep-21 — /EPR Network/ — Billion Cheers, a leading nutrition and wellness products brand have a range of probiotic products and recently launched Women Probiotics for vaginal health and feminine care. This product caters the increasing issues of Urinary tract infections and recurrent UTIs, yeast infection, vaginal discomforts due to poor hygiene and lack of probiotics.

Throughout a woman’s life, changes in the composition of the vaginal microbial ecosystem are driven by the dramatic hormonal shifts which highly influence the Lactobacilli environment. The composition of vaginal microflora plays a very crucial role in maintaining vaginal pH and overall feminine health.

The major problems now days are stress, use of antibiotics, failure to comply with hygiene, unhealthy food choices, lack of probiotic present in diet and lifestyle which leads to major issues which women keep ignoring until unless it is severe like UTI , recurrent UTI, Inflammation, Dyspareunia, itching, bad odour, infections etc.

As there is a saying “the most violent element in the society are lack of awareness and ignorance”

Billion Cheers came up with a breakthrough researched product for feminine care “Women Probiotics”

An ideal probiotic supplement for women helps to promote healthy vaginal flora, healthy vaginal pH, healthy urinary tract, immune support, digestion and feminine health. Each probiotic capsule contains 50 Billion CFUs of 3 Vaginal specific probiotic strains & 50mg of Cranberry extract. The High Strength cranberry extract contains D-Mannose for a healthy urinary tract and uses full-spectrum cranberry active molecules to provide potent long-term urinary support. It is made with Natural Ingredients, 100% vegetarian capsules, Gluten free, dairy-free and soy-free.

Dr. Prakash Chandra Bhatt, Director Billion Cheers nutrition and wellness said, “We feel that women health is essential for a healthy society and this product resolves key issues among women like increasing no. of UTI, BV and abuses of antibiotics, almost every 4th women suffer from such issues in her lifetime. Our Women Probiotics formulation is a well-researched formulation and has shown good efficacy. Probiotics nutrition intervention is an emerging solution and advances science globally in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Our Research & development pipeline have various products for women health & nutrition and we are committed to this cause”

“Billion Cheers- Nutrition & wellness is leading the preventive nutrition market for women’s health by providing researched products. We are trying to educate women for preventive health measures to opt for a healthy well-being and getting more than expected response from online sales. ” added, Mr. Bhuwan Fulara, Sales Head, Billion Cheers- Nutrition & wellness

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