“20 +10” National Disaster Prevention Day Promotes Community Resilience

The Mustard Seed Mission Holds Safe City Carnivals to Promote Community Disaster Prevention

Taipei, Taiwan, 2019-Sep-26 — /EPR Network/ — Today is the 20th anniversary of the 921 earthquake (September 21, 1999), and this year is also the 10th anniversary of the Typhoon Morakot. The Mustard Seed Mission participates in the “20+10” series events of Taiwan Executive Yuan (Review and future plans of the 20th anniversary of the 921 earthquake and the 10th anniversary of the Typhoon Morakot), holding “Safe City Carnival” in four cities (Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Hualien).

Cooperating with local governments and resources, via interesting games and various events, The Mustard Seed Mission aims to achieve the goal of resilience community. Born in Nantou, the most damaged city in the 921 earthquake; Singer Chen Yan-Yun (Ian Chen) shares his earthquake memory and sings his new original song “Stars” as a comfort to the survivors.

The “Safe City Carnival” is jointly directed by the Disaster Prevention Office of the Executive Yuan, the New Taipei City Government, the Taichung City Government, the Tainan City Government, and the Hualien County Government. Hosted by The Mustard Seed Mission and co-hosted by the Disaster Relief Foundation, the 4 events have a total of more than 100 booths; including self-reliant families and communities from the Typhoon Morakot and the 921 earthquake. In addition, Zhongzhi Tribe, located in Wulai District, New Taipei City, was hit by Typhoon Soudelor in 2015; the residents bring their self-grown fruits and vegetables for sale.

Through the games and the activities, the event teaches the people to learn the correct concept of disaster prevention, do daily preparedness, and strengthen the awareness of environmental crisis. The North region event is held in the New Taipei City Government Civic Square. Wang Yiwen, deputy director of the Disaster Prevention Office of the Executive Yuan, Chen Chunjing, deputy mayor of the New Taipei City Government, Wu Xiaoping, executive director of The Mustard Seed Mission, and Singer Chen Yan-Yun (Ian Chen) attend the event.

Singer Chen Yan-Yun (Ian Chen) lived in Nantou during the 921 earthquake. He recalled that he was the second year of elementary school. His home was cracked by the earthquake. The nearby building was collapsed and the second floor was crushed to the first floor. Thousands were killed and injured. He and his family had to stay in the tent because of cutting off water and electricity. Ian Chen said that every time he encounters disasters or death, it still recalls the memories of the past. He also sings a new original song ” Stars”, hoping to mourn the people who have passed away and to comfort the survivors.

Typhoons, torrential rains, earthquakes, fires are the major natural disasters in Taiwan. According to the World Bank’s report “Natural Disaster Hotspots Global Risk Analysis” (2005), about 73% of Taiwan’s population live in the area which may hit by three or more types of disasters. More than 90% of this island is affected by two kinds of disasters. Therefore, Taiwan may be one of the most disaster vulnerable countries in the world.

The Mustard Seed Mission devotes into community work, including aboriginal villages and remote areas; promoting community disaster prevention and cultivation in the areas of Tainan North Gate, New Taipei City Wulai Zhongzhi Tribe, and Kaohsiung Jiading. CEO Wu Xiao-Ping said that through the participation of community residents, the community’s sense of belonging and cohesiveness will be enhanced. In addition, The Mustard Seed Mission holds disaster prevention camps for children to cultivate their concept of disaster prevention. It also provides internship opportunities to the social work department of Chang Jung University to encourage young people to participate in the community disaster prevention work.

The guests take the action and put the signs of “Sustainable Development Goals” such as “Support for Climate Action” and “Respond to Environmental Protection” on the big tree, symbolizing awareness of the SDGs, and then carrying out the “Taiwan, Our Homeland” ball event. The event invites every participant to commit to make a concerted effort to protect their community. The Mustard Seed Mission also hopes that Taiwanese living abroad can work together to respond to the concept of “Sustainable Homeland” and make Taiwan a better home.

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