Total Station Market, Top Key Players, Size and Recent Trends by Forecast to 2026

A total station is an optical/electronic instrument is being used for mapping and surveying and for construction activities. Total station performs various functions including distance measurement, angle measurement, coordinate measurement, and data processing. Growth of the total station market is gaining momentum across various sectors such as meteorology, construction, mining, and agriculture. Total stations are available in two forms one is manual total station and another is a robotic total station.

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With advancement in technology, the sales of robotic total station are also increasing. Total station market players are also developing robotic total station with unique features, making it easy for users to operate it and get the correct data. Total station is also being used in geotechnical monitoring which includes building a structure like tunnels below the ground, and to provide a solid foundation above the ground. Measuring the coordinates of vertical and horizontal alignment, total station market growth is also fuelled by their extensively use in transportation application.

Today, most of the total stations are equipped with GPS, hence it relies on satellite signals. However, the poor signal due to various environmental conditions can affect the measurements taken by total station. This also makes it non-functional in the areas with dense forest. Total station market players are also integrating total station with software applications to help the user control total station, eliminating the need for on-board controllers.

According to the report compiled by Fact.MR, the total station market is likely to experience moderate growth. The total station market is also estimated to bring in US$ 1,101.6 million revenue by 2026-end. Offering accuracy and improving performance in the surveying and construction projects, the growth of the total station market is rising. Moreover, the total station market participants are also providing advanced produts that provide flexibility and help to collect accurate data. On-site training is also being provided to the user by the total station market players, with the help of distributors and suppliers to enhance user’s knowledge about the product.

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Robotic Total Station- Top-Selling Product

The robotic total station is likely to emerge as one of the top-selling products during 2017-2026. Robotic total station is estimated to create an incremental opportunity of more than US$ 200 million between 2017 and 2026. Meanwhile, manual total station is also likely to account for nearly one-third revenue share of total station market by 2017 end.

Construction Sector to Gain Maximum Revenue Share of the Total Station Market

The construction sector is likely to account for nearly three-fourth revenue share of the total station market by 2017 end. Towards 2026 end, construction sector is estimated to bring in nearly US$ 800 million revenue. Although, mining sector is likely to emerge as the second largest user in the total station market.

APEJ to Remain Dominant in the Global Total Station Market

Asia Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) is likely to remain dominant in the total station market during 2017-2026. Smart cities development in countries such as China and India is driving the growth of total station market in APEJ. Moreover, use of advanced technologies in surveying and mapping is also one of the factors fueling the growth of total station market in the region. Meanwhile, Europe and North America are also likely to witness growth in the total station market during 2017-2026.

Competition Tracking

The report also profiles companies operating in the total station market, which include Topcon, Hexagon, Trimble, South Group, EIE Instruments, FOIF, Sanding, Boif, Dadi, KOLIDA, and TJOP.

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