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Bangkok, Thailand, 2019-Oct-12 — /EPR Network/ — Home to over 68 million people, navigating your way around Thailand can be overwhelming. Part of the fun is in this beautiful country is the ability to travel from city-to-city and explore all the hidden treasures Thailand has to offer. With the number of people visiting Thailand increasing each year line ups for taxis, buses and trains can sometimes put a damper on your vacation. When you book with EZ Ride Thailand you avoid the hassle of finding the bus or train station, buying a ticket, waiting in extensive line ups, and riding in a crowded vehicle. Plus, you can convey specific details of your trip in advance whereas this could be challenging if you do not speak the local language.

Simply put, they know your vacation time is valuable and the more time you can spend sitting in the sun drinking out of coconut the better! It’s safe, affordable and services central Thailand and beyond. EZ Ride Thailand “accommodates all types of travellers and itineraries. This includes Pattaya transfers, Bangkok airport transfers, Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, etc.”

There are many different types of travellers who have different budgets and different needs. Prices are all pre-determined so that is no negotiating and haggling necessary. There are 3 types of vehicles to choose from to suit your particular needs. Economy-size is great for solo travellers or small groups of backpackers. Mid-size for business travellers, families or small groups. Minivans for larger groups, families or teams. Check the website to see what size is right for you.

“The booking process is very easy. Simply fill out the Book Now form on the EZ Ride Thailand website with all your details and wait for rate confirmation. Be sure to be clear about the amount of luggage you intend to bring. Once you confirm the order, EZ Ride Thailand will send you a final confirmation with a photo of your driver and vehicle.” That’s it. You can expect to have a driver waiting for you upon your arrival. Now all you need to worry about is what bathing suit to bring!

With EZ Ride Thailand at your service, you could easily plan to visit more than 1 city on your trip. Soak up some beach time in Koh Chang, have some wild nights in Pattaya, stay on a river hut while learning the historical significance of Kanchanaburi, take an epic selfie at the UNESCO world historical city of Ayutthaya, then top it off by storming the markets of Bangkok. Your friends will be jealous and all will ask “how did you manage to do all that?” To which you can say “it was EZ”!


EZ Ride Thailand

EZ Ride Thailand


Bangkok, Thailand

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