Automotive Actuators Market Comprehensive Study by Industry Professionals

According to research insights, the automotive actuators market is expected to register 6.8% CAGR during the forecast period 2018-2027. This impressive growth is highly motivated by increased traction from the air conditioning system application. Furthermore, active innovations across HVAC system targeted towards supreme efficiency is expected to steer growth in several top-listed regional markets.

Compact Passenger Cars Deliver Higher Sales for Automotive Actuators

The rising demand for compact passenger cars is directly impacting the sales of automotive actuators since they are marked as the largest users of this particular automobile component. Focusing on the strong forecasted growth during the assessment period, compact passenger cars are likely to present an incremental opportunity. Interestingly, the contribution from mid-sized passenger cars is also projected to benefit the global automotive actuators market in the coming years.

APEJ Emerges as Profitable Market Region

With a stern look at the regional stretch of the automotive actuators market, Asia-Pacific Excluding Japan (APEJ) is likely to shine as the leading market during the forecast period. The report highlights that, the APEJ region is projected to exceed US$ 12,500 Mn by 2027-end. Such forecasted growth is accredited to primary drivers like stringent regulations on emission and fuel consumption that has triggered the demand for automotive actuators in the target region.

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Revenue Share from Pneumatic Actuators Hit Extraordinary Levels

Electric actuators or gear motors have experienced a notable demand increase since they hold potency to balance high operational and maintenance cost of hydraulic and pneumatic automotive actuators. It is important to know that, revenues from pneumatic actuators are expected to be twice as those of electric actuators by 2027-end. Moreover, revenues from electromagnetic automotive actuators are likely to remain moderately low; however sales rate from such versions are predicted to remain promising until 2027.

As the report concludes, readers can access data points linked to the competitive scenario active across the global automotive actuators market. The major companies mentioned in the study are BorgWarner Inc., Aptiv Plc, Denso Corporation, CTS Corporation, Continental AG and a lot more. Each of these market players is examined in terms of company overview, SWOT analysis, key developments, key financials and product overview. The overall research report is a smart representation of the global automotive actuator market together with future trends and anticipated transformations due to technological advancements, market expansions etc.

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