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Indian art ideasNoida, India, 2019-Nov-09 — /EPR Network/ — The monthly exhibition for November 2019 organized by IndianArtIdeas is going to feature a group of handpicked artworks from established and budding Indian artists. ‘Imagination Speaks Everything via Art’ is an online exhibition that is curated by the experts to make art of varied kinds available at one umbrella platform. So, the buyers need not visit art galleries that we don’t find in every city in India, instead, they can pick their share from the comfort of their homes.


The artwork that has been displayed is diversified across myriad genres and that one can have to refurbish their homes and office spaces in the contemporary yet traditional motifs. A true artist is the one who is courageous enough to depict what he feels and the true test of his success is the catchy details of his work that immerses the spectators into its charm. A canvas full of colors is the only connection that an artist has with society. He communicates through the unspoken language. But, expressions through that make us feel more than words.

An artists’ imagination captures simple things in life that we usually miss and make it grand. The creative mind is always scrutinizing and observing its surroundings. Nature, people, their desires, actions and emotions, something beyond the expectations of the wisest mind become the object of a painter’s imagination. You may find the exhibited collection exhaustive enough to cater to the needs of the art collector.

With winters approaching, we seek out all the warmth we can get both physically and emotionally for our peace of mind. That would depend on what we feed our visual senses. A peaceful and serene countenance of Buddha immersed in his mystical meditation could elevate the spirituality of any place.

Nitu Chhajer from Howrah has beautifully depicted the solace reflected by Lord Buddha in Buddha-Peace begins with self-love. A bud of the lotus flower is being held by the meditative Buddha in one hand. This means that man tries to find peace in materialistic gains or others. But, one can only find happiness within. If only you are happy with yourself, you can make others happy. This is how an artist speaks through his art. We whole-heartedly support the ingenuity of art.

IndianArtIdeas is an online platform that organizes an online monthly exhibition on burning issues. So, treat your eyes with impeccable and diverse artwork made by one of the best artists across the length and breadth of India by becoming part of this exhibition.


About Indian Art Ideas

Indian Art Ideas is one of India’s leading online art galleries. The site provides a platform to bring sellers and buyers together. It exhibits and offers an unparalleled collection of paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, prints and photographs by emerging and established Indian artists for sale at affordable prices. With services like Art for Décor, Personalized Art and Art Advisory, Indian Art Ideas is a one-stop destination for all your needs concerning affordable artwork. For more details, please visit –

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