Heritage Week At The Infinity School: Students Celebrate Indian Culture And Heritage

Noida, India, 2020-Feb-19 — /EPR Network/ —

The Infinity School, a K12 school in Greater Noida, observed Heritage Week recently to engage their students in a meaningful familiarisation of Indian heritage. The students learned about Indian culture, history, local traditions, clothes, festivals, monuments, religions, holy books, foods, languages, biodiversity, local myths, tales & arts. The learning process involved nurturing their brainstorming, research, discussion, and collaboration skills through various in-class and outdoor experiences.

India, being one of the most culturally diverse countries of the world and having thirty-six UNESCO-recognised world heritage sites, has a lot to offer. The Infinity School students were given a topic (like dance, music, painting, architecture, sculpture, etc.) for research by their teachers. They used the internet, encyclopedia & local books to assimilate information, followed by discussions & analysis. Following the brainstorming sessions, children sorted and organized their findings in the form of collages, drawings, etc., which were presented in the classrooms later. They asked questions, solved worksheets & participated in trivia to gain more knowledge. The exercise strengthened their analytical abilities & skills like curiosity, observation, creativity, etc.

Teachers put up a special stall displaying dresses from different states to generate awareness on craftsmanship, lifestyles, local cultures, and handloom. It gave children important insights into Indian history, social/cultural/economic transformations over time, and the awareness of diversity existing among different states of India.

Later, the school arranged a community potluck to reinforce the importance of care, sharing, unity & brotherhood in society. Students and teachers shared different foods among themselves. The young learners also enjoyed a heritage walk at Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi and an explorative visit to the National Rail Museum. This student trip made history lessons more tangible and comprehensible in real life. Teachers have been the source of motivation all week through for the learners by encouraging them to discuss their views on Indian architecture & monuments in the classroom and outdo themselves at every activity.

The Infinity School children also created a stock motion animation with the pictures they’d collected during the heritage week which was showcased on the school’s website. Photos of the event are uploaded on the website.


About Us:

Located in the fast-developing area of Greater Noida West, The Infinity School is a CBSE curriculum-based K12 school with a firm belief that education is complete only when knowledge is imparted, skills are honed, and a mindset to succeed is nurtured. The modern institutional infrastructure, professional sports, qualified & passionate teachers, a thinking curriculum & small class sizes are all thoughtfully integrated to work towards this mission.


The Infinity School, HS-04, Tech Zone 7, Greater Noida West, Uttar Pradesh – 203207.

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