Oral Health Ingredients Market Growing at a CAGR of over 4% by 2029

The oral health ingredients market is expected to register a promising 4.0% CAGR during 2014 and 2018. While the growth rate is expected to remain slower than previously reported, the demand for oral hygiene remains high, thanks to growing concern about oral health. During 2014 and 2018, over 9 bn tons of oral health products were shipped to prevent spread of oral diseases, and rising concerns for illnesses like mouth cancer are expected to drive up this volume by 10.3 million tons. The increased demand for oral hygiene products in new regions like Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa remain bright opportunities for growth of the oral health ingredients market.

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Rising Cases of Mouth Cancers Raise Awareness of Oral Health

According to the American Oral Health Foundation, over 53,000 Americans are diagnosed with mouth cancer each year. The World Health Organization reports that 4, 50,000 new cases are being found each year worldwide. Additionally, the survival rate in the US hovers around 57%, improving from 50% five years earlier. The rising concerns raised by oral ailments like spread of HPV virus, and changes in lifestyles such as increased oral sex activity are expected to drive more concern regarding oral hygiene. Moreover, increased awareness about cancer ailments are also expected to result in increased demand for more natural ingredients. The rising awareness about oral cancers, increasing use of natural ingredients to counter harmful cancer elements, and growing survival rate are expected to drive major growth for the oral health ingredients market.

Product Innovation Continues to Drive New Opportunities for Growth

Increased use of new-age products like mouthwashes is a positive sign for growth in the near future. These products are found to be far more effective as the liquid solutions can enter parts of dental makeup previously inaccessible. Moreover, these are effective for working class people who prefer a quick mouth rinse to the conventional time-consuming toothpastes. The growing penetration of these in new emerging regions, increased use of natural ingredients, and their popularity among largest growing consumer segments like the young population are major opportunities for growth for players in the oral health ingredients market.

Rising Correlation between Physical Appearances and Socioeconomic Status to Drive Growth

Recent studies show strong correlation between physical appearances, and socioeconomic status. This has led to increased response for oral health campaigns like national smile month among others. The strong encouragement in western nations to maintain a respectable oral hygiene across the board for men, and women alike, and smile more often drives growth of the oral health ingredients market. The rising awareness about health, and increased importance of physical appearances in new regions are also expected to drive growth of the oral health ingredients market in new regions. Good oral hygiene has shown to improve job prospectus, future outlook on life, and affinity in social circles.

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Green Products to Emerge as a Significant Trend for Future Growth

The concern about artificial ingredients in oral hygiene products is on the rise. The spread of social media, and potential availability of falsehoods is also on the rise. This has put many manufacturers of oral health products on the back foot, caving in to demand for more green products. The artificial products remained more cost-effective, and many a times more effective in application. However, the consumer preference remains clear and has forced entire sectors like food and beverage to change path towards more green products. The rising demand and acceptability to higher prices are expected to drive growth of the oral health ingredients market.

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