Photographic Paper Market Size Analysis, Segmentation, Industry Outlook and Forecasts, 2023

Global Photographic Paper Market is estimated to grow considerably in the forecast period owing to the increasing applications in photography segment like stabilizers, dying agents, replenishers, fixing agents, starters & neutralizers. Photographic papers are the papers layered with a light-sensitive chemical formula that are used for creating photographic prints.

A photographic paper, when exposed to light, captures the picture, which is then developed to a visible picture. With the help of some papers, the image density from exposure is enough and do not require further developing, apart from clearing and fixing, even though the latent exposure is also normally present. Photographic papers are designed to produce high quality image in order to best replicate the captured object. The quality of the produced image will be dependent on the type of ink, type of printer and the subject guide (photo paper).

Papers and films used for photograph development are treated with several chemicals like acetic acid, silver bromide, selenium dioxide, and cadmium bromide. They are also treated with exceptional chemicals, which then makes the captured image visible, permanent and unaffected from light. The film or paper is initially soaked into water to swell the gelatin coating to simplify chemical reaction after which the developer is applied.

To prevent the adverse effect of photograph developer the film or paper is washed with the dissolved solution of citric acid and acetic acid. Now, to make the photo resistant to light, a permanent fixer is applied. Ammonium thiosulphate is the most commonly used fixer in the segment. There are different types of photograph processing techniques including black and white reversal processing, black and white negative processing, and coloring processing. All of these processing are applied depending on the production level like commercial processing and small scale processing.

Photographic Paper Market

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Change in lifestyle and rise in disposable income is predicted to boost the consumer market. Also, increase in investment in marketing activities and advertisements by numerous companies is projected to stimulate photographic chemical segment. Moreover, the advent of print media like hoarding and posters for extensive marketing is predicted to fuel the photographic paper market in the years to come.

The chemicals used in photography have adverse effect on human health. Internet advertising and digitalization has extensively grown in the past years especially for consumer electronic products like smartphones and digital camera. Also, availability of alternatives like cloud computing, and e-storage on several web stores has decreased the demand for developed photographs which may hamper the growth of photographic paper market in the coming years. On the other hand, the growing research & development activities to discover new applications of photographic chemicals are estimated to offer new opportunities for the existing market players in future.

The market is categorized on the basis of type, application, sales channel and geography. On the basis of type, market is divided into silver halide photographic paper and inkjet photographic paper. Based on application, market is split into civil field and professional field. In terms of sales channel, photographic paper market is divided into direct channel and distribution channel.

Geographically, market is segmented as North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is expected to hold larger share of photographic paper market due to the rising use of print media like banners & hoardings. The prominent players in photographic paper market comprise Fujifilm, Kodak, Canon, HP, Epson, HYMN, Fantac, Ilford, China Lucky Group, Polaroid, Shantou Xinxie, Brother, ADOX, Hahnemühle, and FOMA BOHEMIA.

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