Decentr Announces Crowdfund to “Crisis Proof” Failing Global Economy

New User-Centric Asset Class Needed to Stave Off Economic Meltdown

LONDON, UK, 2020-Apr-08 — /EPR Network/ — In the wake of COVID-19, the mainstream economy has failed the only test that matters in a democracy: keeping citizens safe and economically stable in a crisis.

In response to these failings, Decentr has announced the pre-launch of a crowdfund that aims to fund the build of a 100% decentralised web browser + platform that repurposes data as payable value.

Decentr CTO, Nikita Anikeev says, “This game-changing paradigm is achieved by securing user data and allowing users to exchange this data at (or above) current market value on our platform at POS. In this way, the costs of goods and services come down for individuals and businesses the more data they individually and collectively generate.”

This means Decentr creates an alternative asset class for every user – one based on user data and metadata as payable value.

As a result, this asset class is not reliant on the mainstream economy for its creation, acquisition and value. Hence, its value remains stable in the face of local and global crises – in a way that all current asset classes have shown themselves to be astonishingly incapable of doing.

A unique feature of the campaign is that interaction with the team as part of the 35-day crowdfund will be “credited” as  data value, to be applied to users’ accounts at MVP launch in Q4 2020.

Anikeev says, “It makes a lot of sense to start acquiring value for your data now, when 90% of the world can’t leave home for the foreseeable future. Sign up to our crowdfund today and start earning Personal Data Value (PDV) and take sensible steps to secure your financial future.”

Decentr’s crowdfund pre-launched today, with main launch scheduled for April 10th.

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