Metabolomics Market – Increasing Pharmaceutical and Biotech R&D Expenditure

Metabolomics Market

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Metabolomics plays a vital role in the fields of toxicity testing, biomarker development, drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics. Factors such as the growing demand for personalized medicine, increasing pharmaceutical and biotech R&D expenditure, and rising necessity for toxicology testing are driving the growth of the metabolomics market.

Additionally, the potential for metabolomics to move beyond basic research and into the field of diagnostics, by integrating with other omics technologies such as proteomics and transcriptomics, is also supporting the growth of the metabolomics market during the forecast period.

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Driver: Growing demand for personalized medicine;

Personalized medicine is a technology-based and patient-centered customization of diagnosis and treatment evaluation. Recent developments in analytical technologies, such as the emergence of high-resolution mass spectrometry, have provided revolutionary analytical capabilities in metabolomics, offering the detection of more than 10,000 metabolites at a given point of time. Such developments are opening new opportunities for the utilization of metabolomics in the development of personalized and precision medicine. As metabolomics precisely differentiates between two or more disease phenotypes, it can be applied to identify metabolites and biomarkers related to the perturbation being investigated by providing detailed cellular information.

Global Metabolomics Market, by Application
Biomarker Discovery
– Drug Discovery/Drug Assessment
– Nutrigenomics
– Toxicology Testing
– Personalized Medicine
– Functional Genomics

Recent Developments:

– In December 2016, Shimadzu launched the NOA-7100 transportable NOx-O2 analyzer for quantifying nitrogen oxides (NOx) and oxygen (O2) concentration in real time. This launch enhanced the company’s portfolio.

– In December 2016, Agilent Technologies collaborated with Transcriptic Inc. (U.S.), a robotic cloud-based biotechnology laboratory, to develop and provide rapid and efficient technologies for broad scale synthetic and discovery. This collaboration helped Agilent enhance its market position by serving a global customer base with automated and robotics workflows for bioreagent optimization.

– In November 2016, Waters Corporation launched CORTECS T3 and CORTECS Shield RP18 column chemistries. These columns provide speed, selectivity, and sensitivity in UPLC, UHPLC, and HPLC separations. This launch expanded the company’s customer base for the CORTECS Columns product line.

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North America is expected to hold the largest market size in the metabolomics market during the forecast period, followed by the European region. On the other hand, the Asia Pacific market is expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. Growth in this region can be attributed to the huge demand for metabolomics in drug discovery and biomarker development experiments. Factors such as significant growth in the life science industry, increasing investments by global players over the past few years, and increasing number of tie-ups between manufacturers and institutions in this region are also expected to support market growth in this region.

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