Centralized Lubrication Systems Market Development Opportunities and Competitive Strategies, 2018 – 2023

The global centralized lubrication system market is expected to display higher growth rate over the coming years. The rapid surge in the market is credited to the soaring demand from end-use industry sectors such as chemicals, automobile, clothing, power & energy, and metal mining sector. The key factor responsible for the market growth is rising awareness among industry players with the use of centralized lubrication systems. Globally, market is predicted to generate massive revenue over the forecast period, providing numerous opportunities for industry participants to invest in research and development of centralized lubrication systems market.

Centralized lubrication systems improve overall operational time and enhances the efficiency of industrial processes. Governmental norms and regulations play a major role in the selection of the lubrication systems during the manufacturing processes, which helps to limit the emission of hazardous gases into the environment. Increasing adoption of centralized lubrication systems by end-use market players to limit industrial byproducts and emissions is the key industry trend associated with centralized lubrication system market.

A centralized lubrication system, also termed as an automatic lubrication system (ALS), is adopted to monitor & control amounts of lubricant to several locations on a machine during various manufacturing processes. A centralized lubrication system is fully automated, however, it consists of a manual pump or button activation. A centralized lubrication system is classified based on product types such as oil systems and grease systems.

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The market is broadly categorized into seven major segments based on the end-use application type such as steel sector, the manufacturing sector, cement industry, paper & printing industry, transportation industry, construction sector, and mining sector. Manufacturing segment is growing rapidly in the centralized lubrication systems market with substantial revenue generation in the last few years.

The market is divided by region as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. North America has shown major growth in recent years owing to the rising implementation of latest technologies in the manufacturing sector, a surge in the number of research & development activities and the existence of well-established industrial infrastructure in the region. In the European region, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are projected to witness steady growth.

Asia-Pacific region is estimated to hold a major share in the centralized lubrication systems industry with massive growth in the forecast period. Countries such as India, China and Singapore are leading the Asia-Pacific market with strong economic growth, increasing manufacturing activities, rapid industrialization, and significant investment by leading industry players considering potential growth opportunities in the region.

The key players in the centralized lubrication systems market are SKF Group, Graco, Inc., Baier + Köppel GmbH + Co., KG, The Timken Co., Bijur Delimon International, Inc., Samoa Ltd., Klüber Lubrication München SE & Co., KG, Perma-tec GmbH & Co., KG, Woerner Lubrication Pvt., Ltd., Dropsa S.p.A., CENLUB Industries Ltd., ATS Electro-Lube, Inc., I.L.C. S.r.L., Oil-Rite Corp., and Simatec AG.

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