Ecosmob Announce Kiosk Solution Development Services for Various Industry Segments

Ahmedabad, India, 2020-Jul-13 — /EPR Network/ — Kiosks serve twin purposes of reducing burden on your employees and facilitating interaction. Ecosmob kiosk solution development includes artificial intelligence and high security.

Ecosmob, tech innovators engaged in artificial intelligence, advanced database solutions and VoIP technologies, announced kiosk solution development services for various industry segments. Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Our kiosk solution development services are available for virtually all sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, government, museums, exhibitions, POS and tourism, to name a few. We integrate artificial intelligence and smart features to make it easy to use and secure as well.”

Ecosmob is flexible in the way it approaches kiosk solution development. Customers may choose to use tablets or touch screen laptops for which they need kiosk application development. In this case Ecosmob specifically focuses on the application side and its integration into the hardware set up. On the other hand some customers may prefer a total kiosk solution that offers integrated hardware-software combination. Ecosmob offers various options like standalone kiosks connected through wi-fi to a central server and allows inclusion of a variety of devices like laptops and computers. Such setups can be configured simply as information booths as can be found in museums. These can be installed in restaurants too to enable visitors to know about current menu, for example, and ordering through the kiosk.

Then, it can be taken a step further to include interactive transactions such as those needed in banks, insurance companies and POS, for example. Such kiosks permit users to input information and carry out transactions like registration or making payment and getting receipts printed. Such systems may make use of screen plus separate keyboard combination or make do with tablets, usage of which is becoming popular since it has so many capabilities like wi-fi and calling as well as camera function.

“It is our feeling that large institutions like banks and insurance companies as well as government organizations that deal with members of the public will benefit by installing such self service kiosks for which we offer kiosk application development services or total package kiosk solutions. The workload on employees reduces and they can do their work in peace without being disturbed every now and then by people.”

That is not the only benefit. You can pack in much more information and give access to such information through kiosks. Customers will not feel inhibited about exploring in depth and this could lead to happy experiences, especially in insurance, government and banking sectors. Kiosks are ideal for exhibitions and Ecosmob can assist with providing temporary kiosk solutions.

Ecosmob offers custom kiosk solutions to suit specific goals of customers. From simple information booths to more advanced kiosk solutions that can capture images, print out cards and accept debit/credit card payments, everything is possible. With AI integration it enhances user experience and lets you capture vital data you can use for analytics and marketing, said the VP.

Yet another way kiosks can be used is in smartphones with the help of android based kiosk apps that mimic the looks and feel of traditional kiosks and permit better interactivity. This is just as useful for ecommerce as it is for food or service ordering.

Businesses and institutions interested in kiosk solutions may get in touch with Ecosmob on phone 1-303-997 3139 or 91 7778842856 or simply chat live on

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