Extra Precautions a norm for Moving Companies in COVID-19 Crisis

Melbourne, Australia, 2020-Aug-10 — /EPR Network/ — During the pandemic, moving companies are an essential service. Many of Australia’s leading moving companies are taking precautions to maintain the safety of its customers and crew.

Moving companies are taking several safety steps during COVID-19 because the safety of customers and crew is high priority given the increasing number of cases. Moving blankets that were popular previously may not be a part of your move, if you move in the next few months.

According to sources at CBD Movers a leading moving company with operations spread all across Australia and a major player in the moving niche in Melbourne “the use of completely disposable packaging products, such as shrink wrap and furniture wrapping paper, to reduce potential exposure from blankets in subsequent moves has increased. But in case customers still prefer to use moving blankets, the company uses premium sanitation methods to ensure that blankets are disinfected between moves.”

In response to the COVID-19 public health situation, Movers in Australia are monitoring and following updates carefully issued by the health department for workplaces and workforce and following best practice guidelines for sanitation, hygiene and preventive measures.

Movers are putting the interest of people – its customers and crew  ahead of profits. In this spirit, many companies have announced new guidelines for its customers and employees which need to be followed during the pandemic.

Safety comes first

  • Each crew member is required to participate in a one-time daily temperature and health check-up using company checkpoints set up by the company.
  • During this epidemic, companies are working hard to reduce physical contactbetween movers and customers. To accomplish this the company is practicing and promoting social distancing within the teams and customers.
  • Crew members are encouraged to wash their hands often for 20 seconds, use of a hand sanitizer with more than 70% alcoholis being implemented. Crew members are also asked to refrain from touching their faces.
  • Driversneed to sign a pledge which clearly states that they cannot assemble in groups during this time.
  • Moving crews are encouraged to self-isolate if they live with individuals who are at risk.

Many companies have strengthened technology and planning, to ensure that each customer has an excellent moving experience during this epidemic. Many of the cleaning and sanitation guidelines that came with the epidemic are the norm in this industry.

COVID-19 epidemic has caused widespread disruption and fear, but life continues. Throughout the epidemic, people are moving, movers are helping to facilitate moving and mitigate the risk of coronavirus spreading while moving from one place to another. You can still move safely during the epidemic as companies are following the recommended guidelines on hygiene and social distancing.

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