Transformation of mobile app development by Artificial Intelligence

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence in the mobile app development segment has helped businesses across many industries in recent years.

Bangalore, India, 2020-Sep-25 — /EPR Network/ — Mobile app development is constantly going through innovations with the introduction of advanced features. Mobile apps are now capable of making some decisions, make translations, and recognize the speech, etc. Many activities that were once considered unique to humans are now being stimulated by technology and used in every industry. All this is possible due to Artificial Intelligence that has been constantly evolving and aiding multiple industries from the day of its inception.

Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Mobile app development solutions:

Utilizing AI in mobile app development has enhanced the user experience and revolutionized the complete process. Some of the unparalleled advantages of AI in mobile app development are:

Improvement in mobile app authentication:

With the advancements in technology, there could also be risks of cyber-attacks on many solutions. As there is an enhanced usage of mobile apps for all types of activities, there is a need for an increased level of data security. Mobile app authentication has become a smooth process with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Combined with Machine learning and deep learning algorithms, mobile users have been leveraged with secured experience. AI also has the potential to give alerts of possible cyber-attack threats in a more advanced manner in the coming days. Biometric authentication has also become almost hack-free with the inclusion of AI technology. They have made it easier to instantly identify and alert possibly vulnerable accounts.

Improving Search Experience:

AI has provided a new level of experience for user search activity. With the integration of AI in mobile app development, developers have offered a voice and image recognition system. With the combination of ML in AI mobile apps, there has been the development of apps that takes voice commands and performs all the tasks demanded by the user. This has been a tendency of the market and takes a major share in the industry. New leanings have been set after the merger of voice recognition technology into the app development.

Combined with Internet of Things (IoT):

The blend of AI and IoT has provided a tailored experience for users by leading to improved employment of resources and increased efficiency. A huge amount of varied data is accumulated from the user as he employs any device in real-time. Artificial Intelligence uses this real-time data to offer an improved individual experience for the user. It gives altered and highly personalized apps along with strict security actions. These measures are crucial since the imminent future of mobile apps is linked with connected device development. Businesses and marketing individuals have to accumulate, maintain, and research large amounts of data which will be a tedious task. As AI accumulates and deals with customer data efficiently, it is useful to derive at the efficient result of increased sales and brand value.

Real-Time Translation:

There are huge chunks of apps to perform translation tasks for different languages but that works fine only with a strong internet connection. Artificial Intelligence aids the various smartphone devices to carry efficient translations in real-time without using internet connections. Artificial Intelligence has provided translation tools that allow real-time translations. Such facilities allow the users to define a gap between their desired spoken word and its translation. This is particularly useful in analyzing the sentences easily and streamline the process of translations even for a few unique languages.

AI implementation in Healthcare apps:

AI-dependent medicine and symptom identifying technology apply computer algorithms to verify and negate the sickness. This is done by a chatbot that accumulates user symptoms from their associated agencies and then AI is used to analyze the person’s symptoms and information. It helps lead the individual to the right medical advice and care for an effective cure. AI platform analyses the various patient records such as blood reports, radiology images, EKGs, and other patient records. This analysis will be useful to offer a clear picture of patients’ condition and provide accurate treatment according to the needs.

Face Recognition:

AI face recognition technology is helpful in multiple segments such as healthcare, child safety, security systems, and many more. Most companies have adopted the face recognition system that employs AI face recognition for providing optimal experience, especially in mobile apps. Some of them are:

  • It is useful for showcasing any ads for only a certain type of individual depending on the age group. This helps screen the contents, especially for kids so that they are not liable for inappropriate content. The app will understand the facial features of an individual viewing the screen and showcase if matches the requirements.
  • This feature is also used to identify malicious activities. There is a prediction that this feature will slowly replace the password feature to offer access to accounts.
  • It is also useful in the healthcare field to track medical consumptions and other managing tasks along with a blend of Machine Learning technology.


It is key to offer appropriate content to satisfy and stay connected with the customers. As AI will accumulate and analyse customer data, personalization brought by the technology will aid in knowing the intent and behaviour of users. This will help in showcasing only appropriate content for the users. When AI is combined with big data, developers can offer exciting content, that will please the users like never before. This aspect would be extremely beneficial in the retail business where AI apps can be employed to showcase selected products depending on their previous busing patterns and behaviour. With the advancements in customized AI apps, the majority of companies have adopted this strategy to constantly lead the competition.

Bottom line:

AI is accomplished by highly simplifying the workflow of different types of firms across the industries. They have changed the mobile app development industry at a rapid pace with its jaw-dropping features. But organizations will be successful only if they associate with an experienced mobile app development company who are updated with advanced skill in the industry.

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