Toronto based ISP CIK Telecom to provide Fibre internet to the Markham City

CIK Telecom launched their Fibre to the Markham City project and provide up to 10 Gbps high speed internet.

Markham, ON, 2020-Oct-20 — /EPR Network/ — CIK Telecom, a telecommunication Company, based in Toronto will be launching their Fibre to the Markham City project which will ensure the highest speed to the residents of Markham.

This project will be the first of its kind project in the Markham area with an investment of over $2 Million. CIK Telecom will construct and deploy a fibre optic network in the Markham city to connect to all the business and residential customers from the east at Town Center drive to west at Rodick Road and from the south at Apple Creek Blvd to the North at HWY 7. The project is expected to be finished by the month of October of 2021 after which the Markham residents will be able to enjoy up to 10 gigabit speeds over CIK Telecom’ s high quality and affordable network.

CIK obtained and signed the municipal master agreement in August 2018 to green lit the project of the Markham. In the first phase of the project, over 2000 residents in Markham will be able to enjoy the high quality fibre internet through CIK’s fibre network by the end of 2021.

The vice President of CIK Telecom Business Solutions, Mr. Yves Yao, said: “The Fibre to the Markham City Project came from an embarrassing situation when our CEO Mr. Jordan Deng encountered when he purchased the new Office lot at 241 Whitehall Drive in Markham as the new CIK Telecom headquarters in early 2017. At that time, the entire office building only had DSL network connection capable of providing a maximum speed of up to 5Mbps only.” Around the same time, the mayor of Markham, Mr. Frank Scarpitti and other councillors were also concerned about the capacity constrained infrastructure. After meeting and sharing the same concern with the mayor and the councillor, the idea of the Project came together with the help of York region and City of Markham. CIK then developed an economic development action plan emphasizing on the need to improve the broadband connectivity.”

Fibre optic technology is currently the most advanced wired internet technology in the world. CIK optical fibre network uses the same technology which will allow the CIK customers in Markham to fully enjoy internet services with the speed of up to 10Gbps at any time. Compared with any other form of networks, Fibre optics network have the most advantage of being the fastest and the most stable form of internet with an affordable price plans for both residential and business use. Other than Markham, CIK is also working on a Fibre Project in Gravenhurst which will mark as the expansion of Fibre technology in Canada by CIK.

CIK Telecom aims to popularize the technology of fibre optic internet as with the increasing need of internet comes with a need for higher speeds of internet. Though the cost for building the infrastructure of fibre optics may be high but it is very much needed to propel the city of Markham forward to become a smart city.

About CIK

Founded in 2003, CIK Telecom is a leading telecommunication company in Canada registered as a licensed carrier with CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunication Commission). CIK provides High speed cable and DSL internet, Fibre internet, Digital Home Phone, IP TV and Home monitoring. Today CIK has over 400 employees and over 200,000 customers in Canada with offices other than in Canada located in US, China, Vietnam, India and Morocco.


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