Ecosmob Launches MVNO Solution Development Services

Ahmedabad, India, 2020-Oct-20 — /EPR Network/ — Ecosmob’s MVNO solution can be the core driver of MVNO business. It is advanced, incorporating virtually every feature MVNOs need to operate.

Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, have added yet another arrow to their already bulging VoIP software quiver by launching MVNO solution development service.

The MVNO market, said the company’s VP, is expected to grow to $ 89 billion by 2024. With 5G and attendant IoT, M2M and BYOD adoption in business in future, the prospects are right for MVNOs.

MVNOs hold a distinct advantage in that they can customize service delivery far better and more flexibly compared to giant telecom carriers and this opens up doors to business opportunities in this Sector.

The MVNO billing solution is crucial for such operators and Ecosmob fills the gap by offering comprehensive development service.

The billing solution is at the core and profitability could rely on it. This is because MVNOs buy airtime or traffic in bulk from MVNEs or carriers and repackage it, often working on wafer thin margins. Ecosmob MVNO solution development service addresses all their needs to ensure profitability coupled with low costs plus a host of features to suit virtually all types of customers.

Software, on which I will dwell later, is only one part of success of MVNO operations and MVNOs do need more. Ecosmob offers more than MVNO billing solution development. This is preceded by consultative guidance on creating a brand and value proposition through distinct service categories that match market expectations.

The company also shows how to develop the right connections with mobile operators to get maximum leverage. This depends on MVNOs delivering profits to MNOs and working closely. A McKinsey report lists various factors that will help MVNOs succeed, such as simple payments, excellent customer service and refined payment and accounting.

MVNO development services from Ecosmob create tailored solutions based on client objectives, existing market vacuum and regulations. Based on this, Ecomob builds the MVNO billing solution to fit the business model.

Common features of MVNO billing solutions are separate channels for prepaid and postpaid customers. Then there are value added services in different categories and the facility to create and assign SIMs.

The billing solution also includes built in customer self service module to enable customers to file complaints, find information and carry out recharges. Manual billing is error-prone and subject to delays which is why Ecosmob integrates CDR into billing and accounting for up to the minute information, especially of use for prepaid subscribers. Subscribers nearing end of balance receive automatic reminders through the software.

“Another great feature of Ecosmob MVNO solution is that it allows operators to enlist retailers and retailers to set up their sub-reseller chain, all manageable from a control panel.”

Customization includes ability to use multiple currency, set flexible billing options, use multiple languages and offer excellent customer services such as MNP and value added services like broadband, VoIP services and SMS.

“We show how an entrepreneur can start light MVNO operations and graduate a full-fledged MVNO. We give existing MVNO the right integrated platform that automates most operations and yet allows custom controls and configuration,” said the VP.

Ecosmob should be your preferred choice, said the VP, because the company excels in software development besides being engaged in offering carrier grade softswitch solutions. Customers can expect 24×7 support, artificial intelligence integrated MVNO billing and a friendly relationship committed to growth.

Those interested may get in touch with Ecosmob by phone on 1-303-997-3139 or 91 7778842856 or simply initiate chat on

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