V3Cube Unveils its ‘all powerful All in One Delivery App’: The Delivery King!

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Ahmedabad, India, 2020-Nov-03 — /EPR Network/ — V3Cube announces the launch of its all-powerful all in one delivery app, the Delivery King that promises to bring all kinds of delivery services within the reach of users with just a click of their smartphones. The Delivery King App has the following services within it:

  • The On Demand Parcel Delivery Service: This service will allow users to send parcels from a place to another.
    1. Single Delivery- Using this option the user can send a parcel from one place to a single delivery location. The size of the parcel can be anything. The users can simply click on a button and put in their pick up location as well as the delivery location. The users will have the freedom to choose the vehicle for delivery based on the urgency of the delivery, the size of the package, and their budget.
    2. Multi Delivery– Using this option, the user can send a parcel 9or many parcels) from one location to multiple drop destinations. All the user has to do is select the multiple delivery options and enter the pickup location and the multiple drop locations. This option will ensure that the users can send a package of any weight and dimension to different places in a single booking. The user is free to select the vehicle of their choice for delivery including a truck or a bicycle-based on the size and dimension of the delivery package.
  • The On Demand Store-Based Delivery Services: This option will enable the users to purchase anything that they can from the registered stores on the app and get them delivered instantly on their doorstep. There are multiple services included in this service. They are:
    • On Demand Food Delivery– Using this option the users can buy food from their favorite restaurants that are registered within the app.
    • On Demand Grocery Delivery Service– Using this service, the users can order groceries from the registered grocery shops within the application.
    • On Demand Alcohol Delivery– This section of the app functions like the Boozy or Drizzle app. Customers can buy alcohol online and get it delivered to their doorstep.
    • On Demand Pharmacy Delivery Services– This part of the app operates very similarly to the MedCart App. Using this section of the app; users can go through different pharmacy stores and buy items from them to have them delivered.
    • On Demand Bottled Water Delivery– For countries where bottled drinking water or potable water needs to be purchased, this part of the app works perfectly. This section would allow users to buy bottled water online using the app.
    • On Demand Bakery Goods Delivery– This section of the application would ensure that the users can purchase bakery goods from different stores that have registered themselves with the app.
    • Any Store-based delivery– The app essentially allows any app owner to create a new category and enable shopkeepers to sell their goods online using the app and get them delivered instantly to the users. The only criterion is to make sure that the store is registered with the app.
    • Delivery Genie– This part of the app is the latest addition. This section essentially ensures that a user can buy things from anywhere even if they aren’t with the app and get them delivered. This extends to things that simply need to be picked up and delivered instead of stuff that is purchased online. For example, if you have to get your dry cleaning picked up from a launderer, you can enlist the delivery genie to go to the laundry service and pick up the clothes to be delivered to your doorstep.

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Other Features added in the new app

This app has some of the most important and market-relevant features in the app. This is called the All in One On Demand Delivery App, The Delivery King for a reason!

Their top features include:

  1. Age Verification: For liquor stores and pharmacy stores, it may be important to see age verification. This app has a very important age verification feature to help the shop keepers and app owners with this.
  2. Store Wise Separate Commission: The App Owner has the flexibility to allow different commission percentages to different stores based on their individual pricing.
  3. Day Wise time Slots: This feature allows the app owner to empower the store owners to keep on and off days based on their regional preferences.
  4. Search by Item: This is one of the most important features that facilitate the user. This feature allows the users to filter and search with the help of the name of the item.

What do the Developers have to say?

The all in one delivery app has been developed by the development team of V3Cube. This team has years of experience under its belt and professional expertise to make sure that the app has a smooth and workable flow.

According to one of the project managers leading the development of the app, “before we created this app, we had worked with many different kinds of delivery apps. However, our clients repeatedly came back to us requesting to develop a combined app that would allow them to present their users with a unique option. Now, the management here at V3Cube has always encouraged us to follow only a single policy: Customer Satisfaction. So, our team got together to put their heads in and develop the most powerful on demand delivery app. And finally, with our determination, hard work, and the management’s support, we managed to build it. The final app exceeded our expectations and that of all our customers as well.”

V3Cube has been in the on demand app clone development business for over 8 years and has built and launched over 1000 apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. They are known across the world for the quality of their apps and their professionalism.

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