In 2023 Dubai wants to build a blockchain government

In 2023 Dubai wants to build a blockchain government

Dubai, UAE, 2021-Mar-10 — /EPR Network/ — Dubai plans to become a blockchain government in 2023. In addition to issuing official digital currencies and accelerating the development of financial technology, it will also use blockchain and smart contracts to bring changes to all walks of life.

The Crown Prince of Dubai launched the “Dubai 10X” plan as early as 2017, requiring all heads of the Dubai government to set the goal of developing Dubai ahead of other metropolises for ten years.

They are no longer satisfied that Dubai is only the number one, but clearly hope to “always be ahead of other cities in the world for ten years.” Hence the name “10X”. X stands for being brave to experiment, breaking conventions, focusing on the future, and thinking exponentially.

i 10X will transform Dubai into the world’s largest laboratory for future governments, empowering various functional departments, seeking disruptive innovation, enhancing the city’s tools and systems, improving and upgrading its thinking mode, and becoming more open and capable Accept breakthrough ideas.

Each government entity tries to become a future government form centered on breakthrough, agility, iteration, and design. Establish and own an independent X-Unit experimental unit, find a way to subvert the practice of its own organization, and propose its own breakthrough “moon landing” solution.

Tourism Bureau also joined the bureau: tourism organization is open and transparent

According to the Dubai Tourism Authority and the business promotion department DTCM, it is planned to increase sales channels for the tourism market through blockchain in 2022, and establish an online transaction platform based on blockchain technology for all tourism organizations involved in planning travel. The B2B market provides tourists with transparent real-time prices and sightseeing items.

The travel transaction platform on the blockchain has gradually expanded from online room reservations to a wider travel ecosystem such as tourist attractions and activities. A safe, transparent and real-time trading environment attracts more start-ups and practitioners to invest in this ecology, and the operation is simplified. Smart contracts make itinerary more transparent, and at the same time better protect the rights and interests of practitioners and tourists.

Helal Saeed Almarri, Director of Tourism in Dubai, said, “This blockchain project will enable smaller organizations to attract tourists at a fair opportunity and effectively increase employment opportunities throughout Dubai.”

KHDA: Launch of a blockchain pilot for academic archives

Dubai’s education regulatory authority KHDA and Dubai Trans Reach International Invest And Financial LLC plan to record academic certificates on the blockchain, making it easier for students to apply for and obtain certificates from academic institutions. At the same time, certificates are shared between schools and institutions for transfers, university applications, and job applications.

This will change the way academic institutions issue certificates, place ownership of learning records in the hands of students, and provide global mobility while avoiding academic fraud and other behaviors.

At the same time, the Dubai Department of Health DHA also plans to establish a huge genome database for all residents, including non-citizens, hoping to use AI to analyze data to increase the possibility of predicting before the occurrence of diseases.

The company has not yet been confirmed whether it will cooperate with the Dubai government on this project and become a partner.

Of course, there is no doubt that any blockchain concept proposed by government departments will have a landing solution. At the same time, the Dubai government encourages blockchain innovators from all over the world to join.

Together to contribute to Dubai’s 2023 city plan is also a key step in Dubai’s blockchain strategy 2023.

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