Do you really need Android apps as Total Antivirus Defender in 2021?

Sun City West, Arizona, 2021-Mar-23 — /EPR Network/ — Total Antivirus Defender FREE for Android v.2.6.2 is available on Google Play! The popular antivirus app for smartphones and tablets has been updated some days ago and is ready for download from all over the world.

Now, the question is: Do we really need an app like Total Antivirus Defender for our Android smartphone or tablet in 2021? Why should we seriously consider using an antivirus on our device? Let’s discover together why over 2.500.000 users answered YES to this question.

Today with a smartphone or tablet we do everything. We keep ourselves informed, we talk to our friends, we work, and so on… As a result, our device becomes the primary guardians of our data (and our secrets).

Furthermore, the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus pandemic has increased our use of technology and, probably, when everything ends, we will continue to use our smartphones and tablets massively, uploading them with our data, our photos, our contacts and the most important things about our lives.

Hence, protecting our devices becomes very important. How can we do this on an Android smartphone or tablet?

The first way is: correctly use our devices, definitely avoiding download of apps from unknown sources, apps of dubious usefulness and uncertain morality and so on.

But, as we know, this is not enough! For example, the Play Store is a reliable source par excellence, but some apps containing viruses and malware have been discovered there, and thousands of users have downloaded them.

So, what can you do about it? Well, you probably need an Antivirus app.

Because, if a virus infects a device as smartphone or tablet:

1) it can compromise security of user’s data, and also privacy;

2) it can waste money, sending SMS from the mobile device (that have their cost);

3) the user’s activity can be tracked by malicious attackers;

4) the user’s accounts and passwords can be stolen;

Among the several antivirus solutions for Android, there is also Total Antivirus Defender, that many users prefer over the others.

Total Antivirus Defender comes with several features and improvements. With this app, any Android user can detect malware in a very simple way (virus, trojan, backdoor, and so on). This antivirus is a very important and useful tool to bring the top protection level on Android devices. It can run both on smartphones and tablets. And it is a simple but effective app.

Over 2,500,000 users have already downloaded Total Antivirus Defender FREE, and used this security and antivirus protection for Android with great satisfaction.

Total Antivirus Defender is available for Android users both on Google Play and on the developer’s website.

Key features of Total Antivirus Defender

Total Antivirus Defender for Android is a useful app that gives:

1) a real and complete security solution for any device (both smartphones and tablets);

2) an easy to use software, to detect several kinds of malware (virus, trojan, backdoor, spyware, and other malware);

3) a simple way to keep safe apps, documents and files.

Real Time scanning:

Total Antivirus Defender FREE comes with a Real Time agent, that protects the device in real-time against dangerous and infected apps and packages (for example during installation), keeping malware far from the user’s smartphone or tablet. A user can enable or disable the Real Time agent at any time, but it’s highly suggested to leave the agent active on the device, so it can monitor the device. The antivirus can detect all suspicious activities, such as the installation of dangerous apps, helping the user to correctly detect and identify viruses and malware.

App and Process scanning:

Total Antivirus Defender allows users to scan apps and processes for viruses, keeping the device safe.

Selective scanning of files:

Total Antivirus Defender allows to detect viruses on the entire device, but also on single paths / locations of the device storage.

The Dark Mode mania

Starting from the latest releases, a new Dark Mode has been introduced. Users can choose between the normal and the dark theme, based on their preferences (both themes are very elegant). The dark theme is commonly considered a good theme to save battery, to relax the user’s eyes, and so on… But the dark mode is also a nice mode, a good interface for the user to enjoy with its phone.

FREE, but also PRO version

Also a professional version of this app is available on Google Play. It is Total Antivirus Defender PRO. Any user of Total Antivirus Defender FREE can upgrade to PRO version, to get more features and advanced security options:

1) Advanced scanning;

2) Heuristic scanning;

3) Rootkit searching;

4) No advertising interstitial when starting the app.

PRO version is available both as in-app purchase and as a separate app on Google Play. Also the PRO version has been updated to 2.6.2.

What about the impact of the app on the battery life?

Battery drain is a common problem for this kind of apps. But the good news is that Total Antivirus Defender will grant security and protection without wasting the battery of the device. The Real Time agent is also well optimized, and can preserve the battery life. Battery drain is no longer a problem, and many users confirm this.

More languages and localizations

Total Antivirus Defender also supports several languages, for the best user’s experience. In this release 2.6.2, the developer has improved existing localizations and translations for the several languages of the app. Also, the developer constantly adds and improves the support for more and new languages.

At the moment of writing this post, Total Antivirus Defender supports the following languages, and more are coming soon…: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

Total Antivirus Defender promises to be the most complete security solution for Android. It is easy to use, fast and light.

What’s new in the new version 2.6.2?

– The Real Time Agent (real time virus scan) has been improved, for faster and effective scanning;

– The Scanning Engine, for both apps and files, has been improved for more effective and efficient scanning;

– The Virus Definitions have been updated, based on the new malware vectors and on new threats developed by attacker for Android;

– There was a very hard work about the code optimization of the app, now there is a very compact and efficient code, to get a faster app;

Translation and localization: improved existing localizations and translations for the several languages of the app, and added the support for more new languages;

Dark Mode: as already written above, a new Dark mode for the app has been introduced;

Privacy Policy has been updated, to reflect the current laws and rules;

Minor bugfix: a hard work has been made to solve bugs of the app, problems with the several versions of Android, the several models of devices, and so on.

For further information, there is a website for the app (See link below).

Total Antivirus Defender FREE is available for download on Google Play. After download, it will protect any Android device against viruses, keeping it safe.

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