Zuqo brings to the world – The first-ever ‘Zero Channel’ CX

Bangalore, India, 2021-Apr-07 — /EPR Network/ — Though hard-hitting, the pandemic served as a disruptive catalyst that triggered the genesis of Zuqo Solutions. It stimulated tech futurist, Sam Prabhakaran, to brave beyond the world of omnichannel journeys to pioneer ‘Zero Channel’ Customer Experience (CX) transformations.

Zuqo Solutions is the world’s first Zero Channel platform that delivers powerful, immersive, and personalized customer experiences. It is an industry and channel-agnostic CX solution that reimagines and transforms unified customer engagement.

Powering the future of CX

Zero Channel is the future of CX. It is an agile, groundbreaking innovation with immense potential to reduce TCO, boost revenue, and optimize customer satisfaction, retention, and lifetime value.

Zuqo’s Zero Channel platform facilitates seamless navigation between channels and touchpoints for enhanced customer experiences and memories. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver channel-agnostic customer engagement, onboarding, and lead generation.

Customers and executives can smoothly transition from one channel to another in a seamless, effortless manner to enjoy enhanced sales and support.

Excited about the announcement, Sam Prabhakaran, the Founder & CEO of Zuqo, said, ‘We live in the age of the empowered, tech-savvy customer who has infinite choices. To maximize loyalty and long-term value, businesses need just one key differentiator– seamless, agile, channel-agnostic customer experience.

This is where we come in to enable customer allegiance and long-term value. Armed with futuristic deep connect technology, real-time customer pulse, and empathy, we got our skin in the game to innovate boldly and future-proof business operations. With Zuqo by your side, you can make customers go ‘wow’ in no time.’  

Enabling personalized emotional connections 

Creating positive ripples already in the Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI), telco, and retail sectors, Zuqo proves to be a promising startup by facilitating holistic, predictive customer experience transformations. Using Zuqo services, customer support executives can foster emotional and personalized connections that build brand loyalty.

Zuqo’s audio-video engagement module is a unique and versatile service that accelerates CX efficiencies right from sales to customer service. Even if customer support executives work remotely, they can use the virtual backgrounds and face/look touch-ups to deliver credible and professional experiences. The conversational virtual agents and bots are driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) for multilingual voice, text, and video support delivered through the web, mobile, social media, and other digital channels.

BFSI companies and telcos benefit the most from Zuqo’s virtual compliance and security service via the web and mobile camera-based touchless face/fingerprint/palm authentication. Co-browsing is another exciting feature that allows customer support executives to collaborate with customers online. This live collaboration creates a more personalized engagement leading to increased conversions, improved customer support, and greater customer success.

Comprehensive customer journey view

Zuqo delivers a single, 360-degree view of the customer journey to help enterprises gain a deep, granular insight into customer expectations and perceptions. By tapping into brand intelligence, analytics, and social media listening, Zuqo provides incredible insights that enable data-driven decisions.

The proprietory Zero Channel CX platform does not disrupt existing operations. It seamlessly integrates with core business systems, existing CRMs, ERPs, data lakes, data warehouses, and legacy IT infrastructures.

About Zuqo Solutions

Zuqo Solutions is a leading technology-driven CX enabler headquartered in India’s silicon valley, Bengaluru. As trailblazers in zero channel customer engagement, we empower businesses to deliver virtual, immersive, and personalized experiences.

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