Xpert Entrepreneurship bootcamp Program made me an Entrepreneur

Noida, India, 2021-Apr-16 — /EPR Network/ — I didn’t knew anything about entrepreneurship, never heard the word in my life ever. But, despite all that I was keen to solve the problems of society and create something that will help and make life easy for people. I started off with Google, searching things related to my idea which I came up with weeks of barnstorming, how to start the company but deep down I was unsure of doing it this way as I had a doubt which was that was I on right path? Will just endless scrolling through huge content it help me become a successful entrepreneur?

Despite that, I just started a startup which got closed in just 1 month as it lacked various things starting from not having a proper guidance, most importantly failing in one department and that was how to market and sell my idea. I was shattered that my dream to build  company was over.

3 months later, I came with another idea but this time I wanted to succeed. I learned from my mistake which I had made in my past. I knew I needed someone who can guide me and who is a successful entrepreneur himself. I wanted to learn from them, their experiences and most importantly how to become an Entrepreneur.

After forming connections on Linkedin , I interacted with a few aspiring entrepreneurs who were doing good with their startups. On interacting with them, I got to know that Xpert has helped them to solve their problem

About the Company – Xpert is a social learning app which helps the person learn from the best. Here India’s top experts across each profession share their experiences, opinions, techniques & advice accumulated over the lifetime of their careers.

I contacted them and they reached back to me in no time. They understood the various problems I was facing as an aspiring entrepreneur who just had an idea but I didn’t know how to proceed. They connected me with the CEO of Cashify ( India’s first and largest end-to-end smartphone solution provider) and various other Founders and CEO who helped me chart a plan along with what should be my marketing style, strategies I have to use along with building a strong network which will help me in expanding my startup and reaching new heights.

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