Online Movie Industry Surges in the Face of the Pandemic

While movie theaters have been severely damaged by the Covid-19 pandemic, online movie sales and streaming platforms have received a staggering boost in popularity.

Los Angeles, California, 2021-Apr-20 — /EPR Network/ — Around the world, movie theaters and cinemas have been forced to shut down operations as the pandemic means that it is unsafe for crowds to gather. While this has been detrimental to these kinds of establishments, people are still seeking entertainment. If anything, the escapism offered by film and television is exactly what’s needed during this time of hardship.

Netflix movies have played a crucial role in keeping spirits high during the lockdown, ensuring that everyone can have access to high-quality entertainment. Increasing numbers of movies and television series are coming out exclusively on streaming platforms like Netflix. This change was always coming but has been spurred on by the spread of Coronavirus.

This has also had a ripple effect, leading to the creation of other services that exist to complement streaming platforms. For example, Netflix Movie Search is a way for people to seek out new films to watch, offering a large list of boredom-busting blockbusters. If the content just keeps on coming, then life in lockdown becomes significantly easier.

The fear now is that movie theaters will struggle to compete against online alternatives like Netflix and Amazon Prime. While it’s true that a proper theater offers the best experience in terms of visual effects and sound quality, a home cinema system isn’t too far behind. A person can choose to watch Netflix in their bed on their phone or set up a whole surround system and high-definition widescreen to replicate the feeling of being at the movie theater.

What, then, is the new normal for the movie industry? When it’s safe for theaters to reopen, there are fears that people simply won’t be interested in going anymore. They can get a similar experience for a fraction of the cost by staying at home. Furthermore, they don’t have to wait for content to be released. On Netflix, a show’s entire season is often released in one go.

That’s exactly what makes streaming platforms so addictive. A movie theater requires a lot of thought and preparation. You have to actively get ready to go out, then get find a way of getting to the theater, then wait in line to buy a ticket, before finally being able to access the screen, where you have to sit through previews and commercials before your film begins.

On Netflix, it’s all about convenience. Once an episode ends, the next one plays automatically. You actually have to opt out of watching, meaning that it’s easier to watch than to not to. Flipping the movie watching experience on its head is why streaming platforms are succeeding, even during a period of time when many other companies are struggling.

During this difficult year, though, many have been incredibly grateful to platforms like Netflix. They’ve made being stuck at home not just bearable but enjoyable and meaningful. It will be no wonder, then, if people stay loyal and streaming becomes the new normal of watching movies.


Source: Parle Mag.

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