Patricia M. Muhammad Publishes Historical Romance Novel, Stolen Grace

A romance story that will sweep you back in time to a country where amore is only natural.


New York, NY, 2021-Apr-20 — /EPR Network/ — Multi-genre fiction author, Patricia M. Muhammad has published her fourth historical romance novel, Stolen Grace.

Stolen Grace is a historical romance story based in 18th century Versailles, France.  The reader will follow Penelope Moreau, a Creole courtier on her quest to exonerate her brother, Armand and clear her family’s name.  The only clue she has is a paper given to her containing one clue “Phillipe J.” She believes it is he who connived the royal theft and once proven, would refute Armand’s alleged complicity in the crime. Pierre LeMercier is also an aristocrat of the king’s court and is fascinated by Penelope’s beauty and intrigued by her feigned lack of interest in him.  Though she is resistant to his charms, she does allow for Pierre to become her suitor.  Pierre vows, as well as Count Alexandre Montegeau a friend of Penelope and Armand’s parents, to help with her investigation.  Count Montegeau is murdered while in the peculiar company of mademoiselle Charlotte of whom Armand has only met once. Guinevere debuts as a lady in waiting accompanied by Pierre and Penelope as they arrive at the masquerade ball at the king’s court. Charlotte is jealous of Armand and François’ relationship and confronts François. While outside Château Versailles, Armand is struck in the foot with an arrow from a longbow. Penelope wonders if they will find the evidence in time. All evidence points to the royal palace. Pierre knows that he and Penelope cannot have the life they wish for until the crime is solved. But who is the culprit and will they be caught in time?

Where to Purchase Stolen Grace:

Barnes & Noble: 2940162703129
Smashwords: 9781005885045
Thalia EAN: 9783752117813
Kobo ISBN: 9781005885045
Lulu: N/A

Connect with Patricia:

Social Media: @pmmuhammadbooks

About Patricia M. Muhammad:  She is a multi-genre fiction author whose books span science fiction, fantasy, contemporary romance crossover, historical romance and mystery/detective romance genres.  Patricia has currently written 20 novels.  She is also an independent scholar focused on international law and human rights.


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