Collaborate with the award-winning software development team: Serokell

Serokell is named among the top software development companies Baltic 2021

Collaborate with a development firm that named a leader on the 2021 Clutch 100 Baltics

Washington, USA, 2021-May-19 — /EPR Network/ — Looking for a trustworthy developer to realize your special project? Address Serokell. This IT firm with more than 5 years of experience in custom software development knows how to turn their clients’ dreams into profitable projects. Their clients say: ‘We have a great relationship with Serokell. We understand one another, and they’re very flexible’.

Serokell is a company that was born at the nexus of science and development. They specialize in large scale-development and complex system engineering. The mission of the company is to deliver high-quality projects that solve the most challenging issues the businesses have to face like scalability, data leaks, and cyberattacks.

Alongside, the Serokell team promotes functional programming – a methodology that is opposed to more popular object-oriented programming, examples – Python and Java. They say that with the help of Haskell and other functional languages they overcome the problems in functionality and performance providing clients with reliable and stably working software. They prove the perks of FP every day creating digital products that are used by thousands of people and generate profit to the business owners.

You Have a Problem – They Have a Solution!

Probably you have a business and you wonder how to guarantee full security and compliance of your corporate software and increase its stability, automate your business processes with AI to decrease costs and time while streamlining the processing of data, improve analytics and provide better risk management, swiftly react to market conditions, manage risks in a preventive manner, provide commercial and personal data security for your clients.


Need help with any of the above? Get in touch with Serokell!

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