Everything you need to know about Lined Reducing Flange

Gujarat, India, 2021-Jul-21 — /EPR Network/ — Lined Reducing Flange, which comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions, is used for pipe-to-pipe connections as well as joining flanges of various diameters. The use of a Lined Reducing Flange is popular because it is simple to use, easy to install, delivers dimensional correctness, and is built with greater strength, serviceability, and water resistance. Pipes of various sizes can be conveniently linked to the Lined Reducing Flange. The housing of this flange is made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Lined Reducing Flange 25 NB – 1000 NB is the standard range. Drilling on a Lined Reducing Flange can be done according to project specifications.

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Wafer-type PTFE Lined Reducing Flanges or Reducing Plates with threaded bolt holes and concentric bores are available. According to the specifications, a custom-made solution for all transitions between nominal widths can be manufactured.

To prevent static build-up within pipes on site, PTFE Lined Reducing Flanges or Plates can be supplied with virgin unpigmented liners or static dissipating (Anti-static) liners. While we offer a complete range of sizes, non-standard sizes are our expertise.

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Many industries employ lined reducing flanges, including the pharmaceutical industry, paper and pulp business, petrochemical and refinery industry, oil and gas industry, power generation facilities, chemical industry, and so on.

Ablaze Lining is one of the most popular Lined Reducing Flange suppliers in India.

There are numerous types of Lined Reducing Flanges on the market. PFA lined reducing flanges, PTFE lined reducing flanges, FEP lined reducing flanges, and many more are examples of popular Lined Reducing Flanges.

To ensure the manufacture, distribution, and supply of the best Lined Reducing Flange, the company only employs high-quality raw materials, innovative technology, and an experienced in-house team of professionals.

Ablaze Lining is a distinguished Lined Reducing Flange distributor in Vadodara, Gujarat.

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