Product Photo Shares Common Mistakes in Product Photography

Harlingen City, Texas, 2021-Jul-21 — /EPR Network/ — Product Photo – The most trusted product photography studio from Harlingen City in Texas offers excellent professional product photography services for several years. They have more than 1100+ happy clients all over the world including the United States of America and successfully delivered more than 95k photos to their customers worldwide.

Recently, the professional makeup product photography company ‘Product Photo’ founded by Sam Werkmeister who possesses more than 18 years of experience in the photography industry including Amazon product photos has released the common mistakes that every photographer makes during the product photography session.

List of Top 5 Common Product Photography Mistakes

  1. Insufficient Lighting

When it comes to photography, lighting is the most crucial part of product photography and is not an exception. Most photographers make a blunder by mixing daylight sources along with fluorescent lighting. To avoid such errors, photographers must be aware of the fact that different light sources require different white balancing camera settings.

So on account of that, photographers can make use of the small lightbox setting for capturing small products, but for larger products preferring studio set up will give a better result.

  1. Poor White Balancing

To make your photo legitimate, a proper white balancing setting on the camera is a must. So that product photo color would remain accurate and natural. Incorrect white balancing settings on the camera would result in the photo becoming too warm (yellowish or reddish) or too cool (bluish) color.

Setting proper white balancing on the camera truly depends upon the light sources. Fluorescent or LED lights produce images with cool nature. Meanwhile, capturing products under the natural light produces a warm effect.

  1. Capturing Products in Distracting Layouts

Product photography is a specific thing to drive attention of the viewers and to convert them as a consumer. Having appropriate background and props are mandatory for conducting product photography sessions so that photographers can shoot high-focus images.

A plain background behind the products would work far better by reducing the distraction to the low level, having a white background for product photography is preferred by professionals. That’s why Amazon product photography always has a white background.

  1. Poor Scaling

Product photography should be done with context shots, so that it can brief the product size and how it will look in the real world. Having context photos like bags being carried by a person, clothes being worn will give real-time imagination for viewers. Else, there would be a negative customer experience.

  1. Poor Presentation

Capturing poorly presented products will create a poor quality image over the products among the buyers. So, product photographers need to make sure products are fully cleaned; the camera will highlight even fingerprints if it is captured in close. Else, it will affect the product sales significantly.

Bottom Line

Well, those are the top 5 mistakes that every product photographer commonly makes while doing product photography sessions. To assist you and to endeavor your product photography, Mr. Sam Werkmeister’s ‘Product Photo’ has enlisted those common mistakes. Try to rectify those mistakes and be like a pro while doing product photography.

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