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Frisco, TX, 2021-Jul-21 — /EPR Network/ — Kid Talk has a passion in creating healthy individuals and families. They are providing family oriented counseling services to children, adults and adolescents. To meet the client’s needs Kid Talk is using evidenced based therapeutic tools and creative interventions. Kid Talk is providing its treatments to various issues such as grief and loss, anxiety, self-injurious behaviors, autism spectrum diagnoses and many more. Kid Talk thinks counseling as a missing puzzle piece that will help to learn about child functions. The specialty of Kid Talk is that they help the families to move forward and also they loves to help the kids to find their joy again.

ADD/ADHD Treatment in France VS US:

Now a day, the words ADD/ ADHD are very familiar in society while discussing about children. There are wide difference in U.S and France Philosophies regarding Child rearing.  Social beliefs and cultural components play an important part for the increased rate of ADD/ADHD diagnosis in US.

In French, child Psychiatrists views ADHD as a medical condition that has psychological and situational causes. Instead of treating the children’s problems with drugs French doctors are trying to know the basic reason for Child distress. That means not in the child brain but in the social surrounding. After that they choose to treat the social context problem by family counseling or Psychotherapy. French clinicians are good at finding and solving what is wrong in child’s social context. While diagnosing ADHD, nutritional causes must also be considered. Some children may behave worse after eating foods with artificial colors, preservatives and allergens.

In United States the child Psychiatrists are considering ADHD as a biological disorder. Also treatment provided by them is biological psychostimulant medications such as Ritalin and Addreall. The focus on pharmaceutical treatment is strictly followed in US and this encourages doctors to ignore the influence of dietary factors on child’s behavior. Children are not diagnosed with large numbers in French as in US. The only hope is to learn from the French.

About Kid Talk:

Kid Talk is the prominent organization located in Texas. Kid Talk has various licensed mental health professionals. They are providing services such as play therapy, adult and parenting support, EMDR therapy and adolescent therapy. The organization has special training in utilizing EMDR therapy to help the individuals with traumatic experiences. For more information kindly visit


6942 Main St.

Frisco, Texas, 75034

Phone: +1 972-658-7831

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