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Busan, South Korea, 2021-Jul-21 — /EPR Network/ — PSM Co., Ltd. has led the development of atmospheric pressure plasma technology through constant technological innovation for more than 20 years since its foundation in 2001. PSM is now leading the global market with the core atmospheric plasma technology based on such accumulated expertise.

Through its technological prowess, PSM has grown into a world-class plasma company that is well recognized in the global market as well as the Korean domestic market in various industries.

PSM plasma technology and equipment application to Solar Cell/Industrial Sunglasses 

PSM plasma technology reduces the concentration of chemicals by applying a DRP electrode to the thin-film solar cell chemical cleaning process in an environment-friendly way, and it is also applicable to the pre-treatment of smart glass coating for architecture glass.

Great advantages of PSM’s DRP electrode

  • It can reduce chemical concentration in the environment-friendly alkaline cleaning process
  • It can improve the production yield by increasing the reliability of thin-film coating
  • It can clean the contaminated glass substrate for Solar Cell Panel and Smart Glass
  • It can remove suction marks, pin marks, watermarks on displays and architectural glass panels, and so on
  • It can remove residues of Nano-coating film used to protect the surface such as AF
  • It has a very high cleaning effect five times higher than AP electrode
  • It has a wide electrode and sample spacing of up to 12 mm Max.
  • I can be connected in series to be applied to large sample panels

PSM’s various Plasma Application processing in PCB/FPCB Industry 

PSM’s AP Plasma M electrode (APM) can be effectively applied to the pre-treatment process for PCB substrate plating and the surface treatment process before SMT/Flip-chip bonding and also applied to the surface treatment process for flexible PI film substrate and polymer substrate.

It is possible to be used in low-temperature processing below 40℃, and it does not require consumable parts.

And AP plasma roll-to-roll equipment can be applied to the surface treatment process for FPCB FCCL PI films and vacuum plasma equipment is also can be used in the PCB decontamination process.

Along with such applications, PSM provides vacuum plasma de-smear processing in PCB/FPCB Industry. In addition to de-smearing processing, various plasma treatment processes are possible, which enables the hydrophilic surface modification and reduction process, and so on.

Great advantages of PSM’s APM electrode

  • It performs the uniform removal of a smear of epoxy residues generated during the PCB drilling process and secures product reliability
  • It consumes a small amount of gas and has a low running cost due to no chemical disposal vacuum plasma technique

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