Bluefy gains the trust of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide

IN 2020, PNN Soft team strived to develop a reliable mobile browser with a stable connection that expands wireless devices' and the Internet of things capacity. Since that time, the company has been releasing regular updates.

Kyiv, Ukraine, 2021-Jul-26 — /EPR Network/ — Following IT trends: in response to the Internet of Things growing popularity, Ukrainian Software company PNN Soft developed Bluefy Bluetooth Browser for iOS in 2020. The team of developers endeavored to create a browser with stable connectivity and advanced functionality that is robust enough to become a viable alternative to native Bluetooth apps. 

PNN Soft IT experts aim at ensuring compatibility from all iOS devices and expanding user opportunities. Therefore, the team of developers has been providing users with regular updates and upgrades since 2020. A continuous improvement of Bluefy resulted in a comprehensive language localization, enhanced functionality for web developers, and a reliable support level. 

Before adding language support features, IT experts thoroughly analyzed user data. Based on the results found during research, the developers performed language localization. Now Bluefy contains fourteen languages, including English. In addition, the PNN Soft team utilized an advanced technology stack to enable developers to create web solutions that operate stably on all iOS devices. To strengthen security, IT experts integrated security protocols and encryption instruments. Since Bluefy allows users to transfer data to the cloud vulnerable to cyber hazards, that part was indispensable. As a result, Bluefy’s audience has grown to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide over this year. 

With the help of BLE and API technologies, it is possible to create custom settings for connected devices. The concept of the Bluefy implies a high-quality wireless connection to third-party gadgets so users can handle reconnection and disconnection of multiple devices. It is becoming key to fulfilling the Internet of things potential.

It is particularly noteworthy that developers have been working diligently on the app’s compatibility step by step throughout 2021. They made extra efforts to adjust Bluefy to any user’s screen and improve the app’s versatility. Not only technical capabilities but also design needs constant refinement. 

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