Enterprise Search Market Share, Current Impact, and Holistic View By 2024

Felton, California , USA, September 3 2021 — /EPR Network/ — Global Enterprise search Market provides a brief and detailed knowledge about key players, market state and circumstances that are covered deeply in this report. The business chain supporting the Enterprise search market is analysed in detail covering accurate information about aspects such as the industrial chain, proficiency in utilization of the available capacity of manufacture, and industry strategies that affect the market.


Enterprise search Market study offers an exhaustive summary of the vendor landscape, competitive analysis, and key strategies to gain ruthless advantage. Enterprise search Market Forecast provides sizing and growth opportunities. It provides comprehensive insights on the latest industry trends, forecast, and growth drivers in the market. it also includes a detailed analysis of growth drivers, challenges, and investment opportunities and delivers a complete overview of segments and the regional outlook of the market.


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The global enterprise search market is anticipated to reach USD 8.90 billion by 2024. Global enterprise search demand is expected to witness a steady growth on account of increasing use of data. Enterprise is designed to make content available to the users from multiple sources including databases and intranets. Enterprise search software has structured as well as unstructured data in their collection. They form a vertical search for any enterprise.


Time-saving information and cost efficient search solutions are the key factors driving the overall enterprise search market. Data management has turned out to be a crucial activity as a result of increasing data volumes. Data is made available to the user through various databases, emails, data managements systems and intranet. Time saving is another factor which is expected to drive the overall industry in near future. Enterprise search solution enables quick search of information and therefore saving operational time. This helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency. It also adds a security layer by disallowing data access for unauthorised users.


These applications software as a service (SAAS) and cloud computing have provided bright prospects for overall industry growth. Development of technology and high demand of necessary information has favoured the market growth in recent years. High implementation cost is a major barrier to overall industry growth. Furthermore, high costs associated with maintenance and installation cost is expected to pull down the market in near future. Also, lack of skilled technical support staffing has been hindering the industrial growth in recent years. Availability of alternatives in the form of online search engines is expected to offer challenges in near future.


Companies in various sectors are expected to invest in enterprise search applications. These investments come in the form of new implementations or updates. The various verticals where these applications are primarily expected to be implemented include banking, financial institutions, logistics, military, telecommunications, and healthcare, retail, energy, and government institutions. Increasing demand from these sectors provides great opportunities which in turn are expected to propel the overall market growth over the forecast period.


Banking and finance are anticipated to be the most lucrative industry in near future. Data sharing and interconnectivity is the major factor for driving the industry in the banking sector. Government and educational institutes are expected to show great opportunities over the forecast period on account of increasing use of intranet for data sharing. Healthcare sector has been using this technology to obtain information associated with critical treatment. Military, aerospace, media, entertainment and construction are other end use industries which offer significant prospects for enterprise search applications.


North America has been the major market on account of computerisation. The dominance is expected to continue with major demand from financial and government sector. High investments from the government have led to innovative solutions for various departments. Regional demand is followed by Asia-Pacific mainly on account of the high presence of emerging economies including India, China, and South Korea. Large scale implementation in the retail, banking, IT and telecommunication has propelled the demand in this region.


Europe has shown a steady growth in recent however the market showed a decline owing the economic turmoil. Manufacturing sector provides great opportunities in Europe especially in countries such as Germany, France and Austria. South America and Africa is expected to witness a slow growth mainly on account of lack of IT infrastructure and absence or underdeveloped application industries.


Key players in the industry include IBM Corp, Polyspot & Sinequa Inc, Coveo Corp, HP Autonomy, Lucidworks, Esker Software Corp., Perceptive Software Inc, Expert System Inc, Dassault Systemes Inc, and Marklogic Inc. Companies have been focusing on entering into a strategic collaboration in order to provide diverse market solutions and create their presence in niche markets.


Merger and acquisitions have been a recent trend seen in the market in order to increase the product portfolio and cater to untapped markets. In 2012, IBM acquired Vivisimo with an intention to help customers in taking better decisions. OmniFind is an enterprise search service by IBM which provides enhanced capabilities. OmniFind is a bundled product along with Infosphere and Biginsights. The HP autonomy has content management applications which help customers eradicate problems related to productivity and large data volumes.


After sales service is a key component in increasing client satisfaction. This is achieved by the organisations by deploying training and customer support to improve overall business performance. Vendors focus on establishing separate sales and marketing channel for acquiring customers, mainly through undertaking complete IT implementations. Companies are working on research and development especially in the field of robotics. They are also trying to integrate artificial intelligence with mobile technology.


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