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Gavin Newsome California recall flames

Newport Beach California, United States, 2021-Sep-08 — /EPR Network/ — The Committee to elect Robert C. Thompson as sole proprietor residing in California is aligned to the objectives and themes of accountability of Gavin Newsom governor Of California in pursuit if that let us review the undisputed facts of this matter:

Fact 1. “The governor has been dogged by an investigation that found he overstated by 690% the acreage of overgrown forest treated by the state in 2020, scaled back former Gov. Jerry Brown’s forest management goals and axed $150 million from the wildfire prevention budget.”

Fact 2″ Last week, CapRadio and NPR’s California newsroom followed up by revealing internal emails showing that CalFire, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, removed key documents on Mr. Newsome’s forest treatment goals from its website on June 23, the same day as the original report.”

Fact 3 “When voters cast their ballots in 10 days, they will be asked whether they want to keep Newsom in office or remove him from power… while the noisy people get alot of attention… Most believe that the virus is real… The problem was the virus. That is what will save [Newsome].” B4 LA Times Sunday, Sept 6, 2021.

First, Referencing the paragraphs 1 and 2 these facts do not put the governor in the best light and casts serious doubt that paragraph 3 is correct in as much as that given the truth that California has set aside for 9 years 2012-2021 $150 million dollars per year (a grand total of $1.3 billion dollars) to protect the Forests that was separate from the wages actually paid to State fireman and maintenance & equipment costs. Secondly, the technology to tackle the problem has been around since 1960 ( 61 years). The growth of the stock market in the late 1980’s and the technologies of personal computers and then the Internet provided California with the tax revenue. The finances were in place and it went unused. By calculations for the plans set forth herein this press release by 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE ROBERT C THOMPSON, the state had 260 times the amount of money required. The Federal law was also available to the Governor and his mentor Govern Jerry Brown know as the man of tomorrow he did set aside funds but this my plan only costs California $5,000,000 per annum for ten years plus maintenance, material, wages and overhead to be determined but a necessary cost of service for the People.

The Committee To Elect Robert C. Thompson For President 2020, Reasonably expects this bold action if enacted would permanently end the threat of catastrophic fires in California and neighboring States allowing the private firm to contract its services to neighboring States for profit. Congress guarantees even today this funding so long as it comes up through a private firm otherwise it would not be a service of a Republican form of government.
All told, Is the virus the problem referencing paragraph 3 ? No This is false for a number of reasons. Mainly because in medical history rarely if ever had a single person died from the polio vaccine or the other 4 main vaccinations, because none were approved in less than two years as was the case with Covid 19. Finally, the trust that all Americans had in the government has been severely tested given the hypoxic silent inflammation post vaccination which can become precancerous so more exposure to pathogens will only cause more harm and the deaths of millions if Americans.

To then say to the others that they need to a vaccine passport to live and work in California post election is the politics of fear. In as much as that it us another example of the lack of accountability similar to these catastrophic fire losses. The bottom line is the winning governor candidate in this election may well be prevented from taking action to prevent Federal control over weather patterns and the methods used by the Chief Executive Officer all thing being equal. However, that is all the more reason to support the master plan herein disclosed. If not it then becomes a punishable by Federal law because the governor is then knowingly depriving millions if people of a guaranteed constitutional right or privilege to be safe in their home. In a Republican form of government the Governor is the agent of the People and given the cut in the budget ( 3 times what is needed to end these catastrophic fires permanently ) any winning governor candidate would be guilty of the federal offense under US Code.

California and neighboring States have zero guarantee that their homes will not burn to the ground without this proven technology and the logistics to readily deploy it in large swaths of California wilderness . For some 8 year now thus has forced insurance companies to not be able to cover these losses.

By the rules this is an easy victory and win for California to just say yes he should face recall and then simply cast a vote for any of the other candidates by the results of the last election and the votes cast in the 2020 Presidential election less than 50 percent of California voters back the governor, and the challenger with the highest number of votes will become the state’s next governor.

So the emphasis on wearing a mask was appropriate, a year ago and even today it is smart to carry one if someone starts coughing . However, the threats of mandatory vaccinations and Vaccine passports to silence political rivals is not a prudent policy, nor does it represent a Republican form of government. The delay of several months on the Executive signing of the Governors Declared State of Emergency California has projected to Congress a weaknesses and damaged the California State economy. Therefore, as former governor of California and the the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan said “We will not negotiate with terrorists”, that also must sadly include a Chief Executive Officer whom has. Therefore, whosoever wins must take immediate action to execute contracts that leverage both Federal Laws under the timeline afforded by the signed Declaration of Emergency Relief now in force reasonably until February 3, 2022.

For California to survive economically as a tech hub proven technology must be adopted on a larger scale with room for incremental changes in patentable work as the logistics dictate which is the nature of business and commerce. In as much as that California is one of the third largest State economies by GDP in America. Therefore, the Voters must demonstrate that they are tough and smart and cable to defend their real and intangible property rights and Goodwill. . This is to be done by demanding leadership on this matter in the manner disclosed. This will show that our governor elect is willing and able to claim the guarantees of both Federal Laws as the duty imposed on him by his office for to protect the constitutionally guaranteed rights and privileges of the We the People of the United States residing in the State of California.

Therefore, because the fires are the tool of the climate change propaganda of the Governor in combination with the delay on the Chief Executive Officer of months and the $150 million was cut from the budget it goes to show intent to knowingly deprive millions of Citizens of their guaranteed constitutional right to be safe in their homes, papers and effects . 4th Amendment US Constitution. California election laws reinforce this notion because they do have a property requirement to condition the election or appointment qualifications of Persons to state and federal offices. Many persons live close to nature in the forests and mountains to reinforce this point as well as the historical significance of California as the last Frontier for pilgrims coming from all US States in search of the manifest destiny of the American Dream.

The Committe to Elect Robert C. Thompson For President 2020 recommendation for the winning governor candidate in this recall election is to promptly utilise the Federal Disaster Relief loans to finance the Purchase orders from private developers with investment banking experience who are eligible to obtain federal loans in the amount of $1,000,000 with just a $100,000 down payment to purchase the civilian version of the C -130 Lockheed Martin Hercules aircraft and to purchase the MAFFS fire retardant systems for fire fighting that can be deployed untill the THOMPSON patent issues for the improved water tank system with one or a plurality of pressurized units to reduce operating costs and be reloaded with fire retardant by air, land, or sea and pressurized in air onboard within the aircraft’s cargo bays.


Aircraft development lease concerning the 2021 California Governor Recall Special Election
The Committee to elect Robert C. Thompson as sole proprietor residing in California is aligned to the objectives and themes of accountability of Gavin Newsome governor Of California , including:

Mitigation: 100% containment and extinguishing all California fires b October 22, 2021. The last 8 years California as part of the United States has not offered any vision for the future or feasible plans to stop these catastrophic wildfires in California is a future in which clean and renewable energy is an unpredictable source of ignition. This will take federal commitment of the many c130 variations of aircraft whose extra fuel tanks that are carried inside the aircraft cargo area actions can be used to carry sea water, because our lakes and reservoirs have been drained due to drought conditions this summer. It is an endeavor that we are unwilling to postpone.

Adaptation It is because California has a poor track record in firefighting demonstrates by the series of multiple catastrophic losses annually for the last 8 years that it must be deemed that it’s firefighters with current technology are unable and as such the governor lacked the ability to persuade not one but two U S. presidents or provide incentives for private industry to extinguish the fires as did his predecessor governor Brown.

A total of 50 should be purchased by the private firm that wins the competitive bidding for the contract through its required investment banking division for the aforesaid PROJECT RUNWAY operation. The State budget had $150,000,000 appropriated by Governor Brown and this was cut from the budget. The later federally guaranteed rights to the loans must be to private firms. However, the former -Federal Disaster Relief Law – pays the State less insurance payments for State losses of forestry and structural buildings and equipment guarantees. However, this law guarantees federal loans below 1% annual compound interest to the State of California to rebuild structures. The state equivalent of an Illinois Land Trust is well established and allowed to fit this endeavor – PROJECT RUNWAY – and multiple parcels of land together as a whole part of the covenants, easements, and esheatable assets of the Project runways and buildings located therein existing city airports like LAX.

The most important issue for this competition is accountability on these fires because in San Francisco there is one firm that has taken a $1 billion tax deduction for climate change endeavors and frankly those state laws that allow research and development credits in combination with the aforesaid cut from the State budget of $150 million dollars proposed for the protection of the Forests do not reconcile with the purpose of the Law.

With action today the State can leverage $5,000,000 to place 50 C 130 in service to combat existing fires worth the depreciated value $50,000,000 that sell for $7,000,000 each replacement cost, given the damage caused by the Afghanistan airlift and withdrawal to intangibles like good will.

A purchase order with rent and tax abatement by the winning governor means the private Firm can obtain a loan by federal law with putting up 10% of the purchase price for the C- 130 fleet. The state would pay the fuel costs to fly the planes plus materials for the fire retardant spray, maintenance costs, the payment of wages for the 100 pilots requires to fly them, and the $6 million dollars per year fees to the private firm that will operate them given tax abatement on the airfield leases extended by the municipal governments. LAX airfield has the best layout to serve as an example.

Specific details
1. The MAFFS consists of a series of five pressurized fire retardant tanks with a total capacity of 2,700 US gallons (10,000 l; 2,200 imp gal) and associated equipment which is palletized and carried in the aircraft’s cargo bay It can be installed in any C-130-E or -H equipped with the USAF 463L cargo-handling system. Each unit weighs about 11,000 pounds (5,000 kg)
The MAFFS capacity is just under 3,000 US gallons. The system can disperse all 10,220 L (2,700 gal) in five seconds over a fire, producing a fire line that is 60 feet (18 m) wide and a quarter mile (400 m) long. It can then be reloaded in eight minutes.
2. An air compressor module provides air pressure for charging the system; it stays at the airtanker base during air operations and is used to recharge the MAFFS liquid dispersion system between runs.
3. The KC-130 tankers, originally C-130F since 1958 (under the designation GV-1) are equiped with a removable 3,600 US gal (13,626 L) stainless steel fuel tank carried inside the cargo compartment.
4. The two wing-mounted hose and aerial refueling pods each transfer up to 300 US gal per minute (1,136 L per minute) to two aircraft simultaneously, allowing for rapid cycle times of multiple-receiver aircraft formations, so it is possible to transfer water From removable 3,600 US gal stainless steel fuel tank carried inside the cargo compartment to another C 130 in air utilizing the planes generator to power an onboard air compressor used to prime the series of 5 pressurized tanks to recharge an alternative embodiment of the MAFFS prototype.
5. . The current purchase price for a new C 130 is US$7 million. There are thousands of c130 variant civilian aircrafts for sale because the first flight of this aircraft was 23 August 1954; 67 years ago.
4. The c130 is capable of landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier and the Navy has several decommissioned aircraft carrier moth balled from the fleet therefore to utilized immediately the constitutional privileges afforded to the State of California to obtain financing to purchase the aircraft. Today LAX airfield can be ready in a week tapping water from the SCATTERGOOD GENERATING STATION or municipal water lines . California’s Coastal Power Plants which pump in 39,000 gallons per minute (gpm), or 56 million gallons per day (mgd).to power the electric turbines to generate electricity in El Segundo California can be used to load the aircraft water tank ( the e 3,600 US gal (13,626 L) stainless steel fuel tank located in the aircraft cargo compartment. A water line for the sea water can be run from the Eastern side of he Power plant and through the waste treatment faculty and a tunnel under the road to the Quantus Airline section of the LAX airport.

With this plan California and the winner of thus competition for governor can fight these fires in an acceptable manner in accordance with the Sate and Federal Constitutional he last 8 years that Gavin Newson whom does not recognize this, even with years as the lieutenant governor prior to his election lacked the vision to demand it he should be recalled.

Working together for change
In this critical recall election for the California governors office for climate action was not there for the last 8 year and the Committee to elect Robert C. Thompson for President of the United States 2020 believes all businesses, and people must unite and step up to mitigate the worst causes of climate change – The Democratic manifesto and long-standing scheme to defraud the businesses of California.

For these these reasons time is of the essence in any future sales contracts as It is, first critical to cast a vote for a governors candidate that is competent to follow through on this proposed master plan. With aircraft stationed at the local airfield This press release provides explicit instructions the candidate can leverage his authority as the new governor of California to hold the Federal government to the guaranteed loans for Disaster relief and the Congress to the developers loans thus leaving the details of the operators contracts to be worked out between the State municipal governments, and the private developers. Initial actions on this project should be completed within the first 100 days of office.

Although This action on climate declaration is good for the economy, the instruments ate long-standing and easy for lawyers to handle equitably, and vital to ending the illusion of Gavin Newson. This result is best achieved by providing voters with the numbers that they can point to and say that Larry Elder, Kaitlyn Jenner, or Mr. Cox have a plan that can show that they are ready, willing, and able to become governor of California today not someday, the new governor can follow this his plan , and with state having Allocated the federal loans less that which can be granted, the dystopian illusion of climate change burdening Californians will be over.

With this tough and yet bold action in line with the history if California as the true frontier of this nation and a symbol of the manifest destiny the recall of Gavin Newson is a commitment to America that will ensure that California never again suffers from the inability if a governor to persuade two Presidents to promptly sign his Declared State of Emergencies. It shows the nation and that Californians are tough and not weak and will not surrender their hopes and dreams It shows that voters are smart and can make a difficult informed choice to execute to remove any such person as governor regardless of status or native privileges. The voters may also realize many other benefits with leadership not just the key points of salesmanship in this deal. A new governor can end the food insecurity, ,homelessness, high rents reduced by 5% in the first year, 15 % by the end of the term remaining. The People having then realized these gains may restore the hope for a healthy lifestyle with equal employment opportunities, real and intangible property rights (patent, trademark, and Goodwill) and also the restoration of a communities wherein a man and a woman can afford to be married and raise children together in California .
Thank you

God bless America

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