Big Guns: The EMPHASER EBR-M8DX and EBR-M10DX Bass Boxes

"Merciless sound pressure level" - the German magazine Car & HiFi (05/21) has rated the EBR-M8DX a "Sound Tip" and the EBR-M10DX a "Level Tip".

BAD ZURZACH, Switzerland, 2021-Sep-08 — /EPR Network/ — With two new subwoofers EMPHASER ( has once again caused a stir. The car audio specialist has clearly bucked the trend towards compact subwoofers with both its new bass reflex boxes. Instead with the EBR-M8DX (8″/20 cm) and EBR-M10DX (10″/25 cm) we have two fully-fledged bass boxes – seriously heavy caliber.

The German Car & HiFi magazine has taken a close look at both these fireballs in issue 05/2021 and is impressed – quite literally. “Well made premium woofers with a mighty output”, is the verdict of the tech journalists, awarding the EBR-M8DX the “Sound Tip” accolade and rating the EBR-M10DX a “Level Tip”.

“We have really solidly built subwoofers in front of us, both as regards the enclosures and the chassis”, explains Car & HiFi right at the start of their test report. “Both woofers have really thick drivers with huge ferrite rings. Two thick ferrite rings 19 cm in diameter are found in the M10DX and even the smaller M8DX has 17 cm rings. Die 2 x 2 ohms dual voice coils are wound on 50-mm aluminum formers with enormous winding heights for a 12-13 mm linear stroke on both woofers.”

The testers also found the construction of the power boxes to be uncompromising: “The enclosures consist of thick MDF boards, the material of the acoustic baffles being a full 25 mm thick. The chassis are mounted (…) in the enclosure floor so that we have a downfire subwoofer. On the sides two MDF rails with nicely recessed shadow gaps provide 4 cm distance from the floor – that is enough to allow the woofers a large stroke.”

Particularly impressive, however, is the performance of the bass boxes in the test lab. In combination with a powerful amplifier the two subs produce “a thunderous bass that is massive”: “Even the smaller M8DX is lively. When turned up correctly it pushes out immensely powerful bass tones so that it is hard to believe that a 20 cm bass speaker is at work here. The M8DX plays cleanly down to the low bass regions, delivering everything you would expect, while always bursting with energy.”

All that pales, however, say the tech journalists, when the M10DX comes into action: “It then pushes out a wild orgy of sound that we have not heard for a long time. The M10DX is quickly winning the nickname ‘skull splitter’, as it not only hits the ears, but is felt all over the body.”

“The EMPHASER EBR-M8DX and EBR-M10DX are wonderfully made, high quality subwoofers for fans of ‘real’ good old bass”, is the final verdict reached by the experienced testers. “The M8DX sounds balanced and better, whereas the M10DX relies on a merciless sound pressure level.”

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