10 Best Green Tea in India for Weight Loss in India for 2021

Mumbai, India, 2021-Sep-14 — /EPR Network/ — The COVID pandemic has pushed us to lead sedentary lives, so most of us have gained weight. As a result, you may wonder what course of action you need to take to start shedding those pounds. Worry not; once you replace regular Chai with green tea, you would notice desirable changes in your body because green tea can boost fat burning and provide various benefits for your overall well-being.

With many options available in the market, you may get confused about which green tea to buy. Remember, some green tea brands add sugar, so they may not be effective in weight loss. So, here are the top 10 green tea in India that are effective for weight loss.

  1. Liwo’s Green Tea Tab

Now, this is something different. You have had different types of green tea, Liwo’s; Green tea tab is a fizzy tablet that contains the natural ingredients of green tea and herbs.  This Fizzy Tablet is convenient, efficient & an intelligent way to have Herbal Green Tea every day! You need to put a tablet in hot water, and your tea is ready.


  1. Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea

If you are looking for a tea that provides overall benefits and helps weight loss, then Lipton Honey Lemon Green Tea is the best one. Drinking a cup of this tea in the morning will make you feel light and energetic the whole day.

  1. Heapwell Japanese Matcha Green Tea

The primary ingredient is the reaped Japanese Tea Leaves, which stimulate your body to get nutrients while sustaining your metabolism level. Among all the available options, this tea is the most effective one, although it may be a bit pricey for some people.

  1. Organic India Classic Tulsi Green Tea

Organic India Tulsi Green Tea is one of the best green tea available for weight loss because of the blend of green tea with Tulsi. For those who constantly dream of losing weight, this tea is for you, as it is a good metabolism enhancer that aids in fat burning and undesirable cholesterol.

  1. Tetley Green Tea, Ginger, Mint, and Lemon

The Tetley Green Tea can provide you with a portion of rejuvenation when you are stressed out. If you are constantly under stress, this tea is the right one for you. Remember, when you are under pressure, you tend to engage in stress-eating (a mental condition that is one of the primary causes of weight gain), so this tea will help you alleviate your stress level and help in losing weight.

  1. Girnar Green Tea, Desi Kahwa

If you are a fan of spicy foods and looking for a tea that provides health benefits with a hint of spiciness and aroma, this tea will not mislead you.

Its spicy ingredients- nutmeg, cardamom, black pepper- will increase your metabolism rate.

  1. The Indian Chai – Slimming Healthy Green Tea

The name already tells you its primary function. Not only does it help in fat burning, but it also detoxifies your body and boosts your immunity. The remarkable thing about this tea is that it hinders the fats from getting accumulated.

  1. Eco Valley Natural Green Tea

This type of tea has antioxidants and catechins, which are significant for your overall well-being. It also regulates your weight without inducing any harmful side effects.

  1. Vedaka Green Tea, Lemon, and Honey (Amazon Brand)

A newly emerged tea that gains popularity because it provides desirable properties and results to our body.

  1. Society Premium Green Tea

It provides a solution to all your troubles because of its abundant properties and antioxidants, good for weight loss.

Regular intake of this tea can alleviate serious health problems.

No doubt, green tea is one of the best answers to weight loss. However, if you think any of the ingredients added to green tea can induce an allergic reaction, then you should consult your doctor beforehand. Nonetheless, green tea is good for overall well-being as it can expedite weight loss, boost your immunity, and make you feel energetic.


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